Bay City resolution aims to welcome immigrant children

15530254-largeEarlier this month we told you about a group of Latin American immigrant children that will be temporarily staying in Bay City.

Wellspring Lutheran Services secured a federal contract to house 24 boys and girls between 6 and 13 years old at its Bay City facility.

Now, with the children’s arrival days away, there have been protests in the city. Some are against the children being housed in Bay City, and some are for it.

Chad Sibley is a Bay City commissioner. He said regardless of the politics involved, these children are in need of support.

“I’m looking to welcome these kids into the community. My thing is you can’t take a negative approach inviting these kids into our community because that doesn’t solve the problem. I’m about welcoming people to community and setting a precedence for Bay City in saying you know we are a friendly welcoming community and we realize from all walks of Earth everybody comes here from different situations. And right, wrong or indifferent we have to take a welcoming approach.”

Sibley and a fellow commissioner have drafted a resolution to welcome the children to Bay City. It also indicates to the federal government that local municipalities are dealing with issues that need to be dealt with at the federal level.

He said he wanted to give the other commissioners plenty of time to review the resolution. It will be officially presented for consideration before the board on September 8th.