CMU physical therapy students move studies to Houghton

correct PT picA dozen Central Michigan University physical therapy students have ventured north to continue their studies,not at CMU, but at Michigan Tech in Houghton.

The 12 doctoral students at Michigan Tech will learn and remain connected to their CMU peers through interactive distance-learning technology.

Lectures and labs will be presented to the 48 students at Central’s campus in Mt. Pleasant, and be transmitted live up to Houghton.

CMU professor Peter Loubert is serving as the students’ on site advisor in Houghton. He said there are several benefits to the partnership between CMU and Michigan Tech.

“The purpose of doing it this way is it has allowed us to expand our physical therapy enrollment by 12 students. We just didn’t have the facilities and the space to do it down in Mount Pleasant, and it allows us to educate physical therapists in the upper peninsula.”

Loubert said a good percentage of physical therapists typically stay to practice where they are educated.

He said this will help address a critical need for physical therapists in the Upper Peninsula.