Congressional hearings on 2018 farm bill planned this weekend in Michigan.

It’s months away, but members of congress are already taking input on the new farm bill, due in 2018.

The Senate committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry is in Michigan tomorrow (Friday) to tour conservation projects in the Bay City / Saginaw area.

And then on Saturday (tomorrow) the committee will hold a hearing in Frankenmuth on the farm bill. Continue reading

Teachers union can’t force members to wait to drop out

TeacherThe Michigan Court of Appeals says teachers who want to drop out of their union can’t be forced to wait. The court upheld earlier rulings that struck down the Michigan Education Association policy that members who want to leave the union have to wait for an August “opt-out” period. The court said that violates the state’s “right-to-work” law.
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Experts say Medicare cuts may occur as soon as next month

Hospital Equipment

Two million Medicare users in Michigan could be affected by cuts perhaps sooner than expected.

A little known Independent Payment Advisory Board – or IPAB – was created under the federal Affordable Care Act. It’s formed when Medicare spending hits a level, which is determined by a complicated formula. The group is charged with bringing costs back down. Continue reading