Deadly animal disease on the rise in Charlevoix County


Wildlife officials are reporting an increase in Distemper among wild animals in Charlevoix County. Distemper is an incurable viral disease that affects the intestinal and respiratory tracts.

Animal control officials say there have been more than 30 cases of Distemper in raccoons, foxes and coyotes since June – a dramatic increase from previous years. Continue reading

An introduction to outer space

Example of what may be in store for viewers this Friday (10-2) Courtesy of the planetarium.

Example of what may be in store for viewers this Friday (10-2) Courtesy of the planetarium.

The Bay City Planetarium is attempting to restore some of the intrigue and wonder towards outer space that some people may have lost since childhood.
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Events around Michigan will celebrate National Manufacturing Day


Events are planned around the state this Friday, October 2nd, in recognition of National Manufacturing Day.

The goal is to expose young people to America’s manufacturing industry. Continue reading

Lee Cockerell and doing things the Disney way

Cockerell-CMUNews_miniUnique skills are needed for many jobs, but nearly every employer looks for good customer service and leadership traits in the people they hire.

Central Michigan University this week will host a man who honed those skills at a place where seven thousand (7,000) workers need it to be perfect every day — Disney World.

Lee Cockerell is a former executive vice president of operations for the number one tourist destination in the world. And he’s the definition of a busy guy.

David Nicholas found that out when catching up with him — on the phone — as Cockerell was boarding a plane — on another round of stops before coming to share his experience with CMU students…
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Two dealerships; one in Lansing and one in Mt. Pleasant have been suspended

University Motor Mall sign. Photo courtesy of

University Motor Mall sign. Photo courtesy of

Two dealerships; one in Mt. Pleasant, one in Lansing, have been suspended from buying or selling vehicles.

The Secretary of State received complaints from customers who did not get a title or registration after buying a vehicle from University Motor Mall. Continue reading

Contractors ask Legislature to preserve prevailing wage

construction genericA group of construction contractors and trade unions is pushing back against an effort at the state Capitol to repeal prevailing wage requirements on many publicly funded projects.

State and local prevailing wage rules require contractors to pay union-level wages on schools and other public building projects. A petition drive led by non-union builders has gathered signatures to put the question before the Legislature.
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Rising Tide

>Gov Rick SnyderGovernor Rick Snyder launched a statewide initiative in River Rouge yesterday to stimulate economic growth in cities across the state.
The program… called Rising Tide… will provide development tools and leadership to one community in each of the state’s ten economic regions. Snyder says the effort aims to decrease unemployment and poverty rates.
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Northern Michigan students building robots in the Fab Lab

FabLabAn eight thousand dollar grant is being put to use in northern Michigan training students in high tech manufacturing.

The Petoskey Harbor Springs Community foundation granted the money to cover the costs for twelve students to gain modern manufacturing skills while earning both high school and college credits, all in the back of a high tech trailer.
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Redistricting Town Hall

LMV logoThe League of Women Voters in Michigan is hosting 30 town hall meetings around the state to address redistricting.

The league is advocating for an independent commission to draw the lines for Congressional…State House…and Senate districts…instead of letting politicians draw them. Continue reading

Sea Lamprey levels at their lowest in decades

sea_lamprey_770-760x430Efforts by the Great Lakes Commission have brought invasive sea lamprey populations to their lowest levels in decades.
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Downton Abbey Series Finale


Downton Abbey Season 6.

A show that has given PBS many record breaking nights and is loved by many around the world, nears it’s final season.

PBS is ready to close the door on Downton Abbey. The show debuted in 2010. The 6th and final season will premier in January. Continue reading