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Students take field trips to learn about Michigan shipwrecks


School kids across Michigan are stepping out of the classroom and onto buses for, what for many, is their favorite time of the year, field trips.

Some that are within driving distance of Alpena are learning about a unique part of Michigan history…shipwrecks. Read more

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Alpena Regional Medical Center features two Hyperbaric Chambers

Alpena is known for being the “Sanctuary of the Great Lakes”.

A common condition from deep water diving is one reason why the local hospital features two hyperbaric chambers. Read more

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Michigan communities work on developing local “brands”

michigan1The concept of self-identity for communities in the state of Michigan has become a trend over recent years, partially due to the growth of the “Pure Michigan” campaign.

Some cities, like Alpena, are already engaged in the process. Others, like Mount Pleasant, are just beginning the process to answer the question “Who are we?” Read more

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Friday morning temps set new records

Thermometer Michigander’s awoke to new record low temperatures Friday morning.
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Alpena Detective Sergeant named 2013 Trooper of the Year


The Michigan State Police recently gave their 2013 Trooper of year award to a Central Michigan University alumni who has served as a state trooper for 17 years. Read more

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Alpena recognized for its Economic Leadership in efficiency

Alpena County is being recognized by the state for its “Economic Leadership in Energy Efficiency.”
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