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State school officials say M-STEP Scores are a success

act-test1At least half of students in every grade scored “below proficient” on every subject of this year’s state standardized test, M-STEP. Still, the Department of Education is happy with the improvements that have been made.

The results show improvement in two-thirds of the grades and subjects tested compared to last year. For example, fifth, sixth, and eighth grade showed an improvement in English Language Arts, with fifth graders improving by 1.9 percent. But social studies scores in all three grades tested were down, with fifth graders scoring over 3 percent worse than last year. Overall, improvements were generally limited to a percentage point or two. Continue reading

Michigan ranks 35th in national educational report

It appears Michigan schools have room for improvement. The recent release of a nationwide classroom
report that ranks each state’s educational quality, found Michigan to be in the lower half of the country. Continue reading