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Young, Larsen remove themselves from recount case

ballotTwo state Supreme Court justices have removed themselves from decisions related to the stalled recount of presidential ballots in Michigan.

State Supreme Court Justices Robert Young and Joan Larsen took themselves off the case because both are on President-elect Donald Trump’s list of potential United States Supreme Court nominees. That still leaves a three-to-two Republican majority on the court.

The Trump campaign convinced a lower court to shut down the recount. Trump won Michigan in November.

Michigan’s high court is considering a motion filed by the campaign of Green Party candidate Jill Stein to restart the recount.

Mark Brewer is a Stein campaign attorney.

“I think it’s even worse to start the recount than not complete it because there’s going to be even more unanswered questions as a result of stopping the recount where we did.”

The deadline to wrap up the recount is Tuesday.

Michigan racism expert weighs in on national election

Dr David Pilgrim. Photo courtesy Ferris State University

Dr David Pilgrim.
Photo courtesy Ferris State University


Since the election of Donald Trump, advocacy groups say there has been an increase in intimidation and aggression against minorities and women. 

Dr David Pilgrim is the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University.   It’s a collection of five-thousand racist artifacts, Some from years ago. Some from yesterday.   Dr Pilgrim says he’s processing Trump’s win. Continue reading

CMU students and faculty gathered Tuesday for anti-Trump rally

Photo | Central Michigan University

Photo | Central Michigan University

In cities across the country protesters have gathered to show opposition to president elect Donald Trump.

On the campus of Central Michigan University some 300 students and faculty gathered to show solidarity with the national protests. Continue reading

Third part candidates collect more money

moneyMichigan residents have contributed millions of dollars this election cycle to presidential candidates…mainly to the two from the major parties: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But third party candidates are collecting more cash this election season.

Advice for Clinton/Trump on the Great Lakes

GLT PictureAdvocates for the Great Lakes are watching the presidential election and hoping the next US president will continue to prioritize restoration across the region.

Groups from New York to Michigan to Ontario say there’s still a lot of work to be done, and they hope the next president supports them in managing invasive species, addressing climate change, and cleaning up polluted areas.

Peter Annin is co-director of the Mary Griggs Burke Center for freshwater innovation at Northland College in Wisconsin. He recently brought together a group of experts representing everything from commercial to environmental interests.

Annin says many ideas came out of the summit, including the desire to start actively preserving Great Lakes ecosystems.

“Should there be more dollars invested in preservation work,” he asks, “and maybe a little bit less in restoration work?”

Many of that group’s ideas echoed recommendations from the Great Lakes Commission earlier this year.

Local groups are also weighing in. Jill Jedlicka from the Buffalo Niagara RiverKeeper says the next administration needs to work closely with community leaders.

“It’s one thing to make judgments from offices in Washington,” says Jedlicka. “But if they don’t maintain that communication and understanding from the front lines then they’re not fully informed to make decisions.”

Mark Mattson with Lake Ontario WaterKeeper in Canada hopes the next US president will be a uniting force among the states, provinces, tribes, and others with a stake in the lakes.

“There’s so many different visions and different ideas about what needs to be addressed,” he says.

8th Congressional District Highlights GOP Concerns about Trump

trumpIf you’re looking for a place that illustrates the possible results of the so-called Trump Effect… look no further than Michigan’s Eight Congressional District. It stretches from Rochester Hills in Northern Oakland County… across Livingston County… and all the way through Ingham County to Lansing. Freshman Congressman Mike Bishop was expected to win a second term fairly easily in a solidly Republican district. But now… that’s not a given.
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