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Congressional delegation makes stop in Flint

Setting up for the event at Grace Emmanuel Church in Flint

Setting up for the event at Grace Emmanuel Church in Flint

Today, A delegation of members of Congress went to Flint to listen to the grievances of local residents.

More than 100 people showed up to tell their stories, and attempt to be heard at the national level.

The overarching theme for the event, as Nancy Pelosi addressed a church full of Flint residents, was looking forward.
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CMU geography professor has received Michigan College Science Teacher of the Year award

CMU Professor Mark Francek (far left) on a biking trip with students.

CMU Professor Mark Francek (far left) on a biking trip with students.

A Central Michigan University geography professor can now boast the title of Michigan College Science Teacher of the Year.

Mark Francek received the award after being nominated by his colleagues.

Francek has been teaching at CMU for 27 years. Continue reading

Juvenile lifers reflect on what Supreme Court decision means for their future

DSC_0284With its ruling the Supreme court has determined that minors given life sentences before 2012 can now seek a review of their cases and make a bid for early release.

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Michigan ranks 35th in national educational report

It appears Michigan schools have room for improvement. The recent release of a nationwide classroom
report that ranks each state’s educational quality, found Michigan to be in the lower half of the country. Continue reading

Michigan schools react to the Every Student Succeeds Act


Local school districts are offering their responses to the new education reform act. The measure, known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, was signed into law by President Obama on December 11, 2015. It replaces the controversial No Child Left Behind Act.

Sheryl Presler is the superintendent at Clare Gladwin Regional Education Service District. She said in the past all districts were measured in exactly the same way, without taking into account important factors such as size, so one or two students could affect overall scores in a small district.  Continue reading

Sault tribe receives $300K for education programs

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians recently received over a quarter million dollars from the federal government to bolster their education programs. Continue reading

Speaker: Road talks getting in the way of DPS rescue, other big issues

State House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R-Mt. Pleasant)

State House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R-Mt. Pleasant)

Republican leaders in the state Senate hope to hold a vote this week on a road funding plan.

Many lawmakers are becoming more eager to get roads out of the way so they can move onto other major issues.

Not only does Gov. Rick Snyder want the Legislature this year to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to rescue Detroit Public Schools – lawmakers are also set to take up a major overhaul of Michigan’s energy policy. Continue reading

Early reading bill falls short in state House after seven-hour session

School-GenericA bill meant to improve early literacy in Michigan has hit a snag in the state House.

House leaders gave up on holding a vote on House Bill 4822 after trying for more than seven hours to gain enough support.

Some lawmakers are concerned about requiring schools to hold back third graders who are not proficient in reading – even if they’re making progress and are “doing all the right things.” Continue reading

Lake Superior State University has lowest net-tuition in Michigan


A new study shows Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie has Michigan’s lowest net-tuition rate for public universities.

The recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education ranked LSSU first among the state’s 15 public universities for net-tuition costs. Continue reading

Davenport University announces restructuring of several mid-Michigan campuses

Davenport UniversitryDavenport

davenportDavenport University announced on Thursday they’ll begin to restructure several of their mid-Michigan locations.

Some of those changes includes a merger of the Flint and Kalamazoo campus with local community colleges, such as Mott Community College in Flint.

That merger will take place this fall. Continue reading

Ferris recognized by NSA for Information Security and Intelligence Program

ferrisstateFerris State University is receiving a national recognition for their efforts to train a new generation of cyber-security professionals.

The recognition comes from the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Continue reading

Incoming state superintendent wants to reduce testing, keep watch on homeschoolers


The incoming state superintendent says he wants to cut down on the amount of time students spend taking standardized tests.

Brian Whiston answered questions from lawmakers on Wednesday for the first time. He says the state may need to move away from the brand new M-STEP exam. Continue reading

New K-12 budget includes early literacy funding


The Legislature has approved budgets for the coming fiscal year.

The K-through-12 schools budget was enthusiastically endorsed by Republicans and Democrats. Every school district in the state will see a funding bump of $70 to $140 per student under the new K-through-12 budget the Legislature just sent to Governor Rick Snyder. Continue reading

Statewide teacher evaluation bill clears big hurdle in the state Senate


A bill meant to improve teacher evaluations across Michigan has cleared the state Senate.

Similar legislation never got out of the Senate last year. Bill sponsor state Sen. Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair) says Senate Bill 103 relies less on state standardized tests to evaluate teachers and administrators. Continue reading

LSSU students educate expectant mothers about perinatal vaccination

LSSUNursinBabyShower8903Soon-to-be mothers in the eastern U-P had the chance recently to learn about the importance of perinatal vaccinations.

Nursing students from Lake Superior State University presented information on the value of perinatal vaccinations to hundreds of expectant mothers and their families. It was part of a community wide baby shower. Continue reading

Getting to the bottom of rising national student loan debt

College Students
The school year winding down means graduation ceremonies are around the corner.

Whether graduating students are leaving college, or getting ready to attend, one thing on many students’ minds is student loans. Continue reading

Detroit teacher protest closes 18 schools


Eighteen schools in Detroit were closed Thursday as teachers and other staff skipped classes to protest at the state Capitol. Their target was Governor Rick Snyder’s latest turnaround plan for the Detroit Public Schools. Continue reading

Lake Superior State University is Working on Expanding Their Aquatic Research Laboratory

Lake Superior State University is planning a 12 million dollar renovation of its aquatic research laboratory.

Ashley Moerke (mer-key) is a professor of Biology and co-director of the aquatic research lab at Lake Superior State University.

“What we’ve proposed is a 12 million dollar expansion of our existing aquatic research laboratory at Lake Superior State University. And this is a building that would be enhancing our capabilities in areas of freshwater research, public education and outreach, student training and in community involvement in our region.”

Moerke said the project would be funded with state funds and that it’s a priority in the governor’s  budget.

She said state funding would cover 75 percent of project costs. The rest will come from fundraising and private donations.

The project aims to create new facilities for students to get hands-on experience.

It would also create a center for the general public, in an attempt to educate the community about issues facing the Great Lakes.

“We’re working on it being a true center. So we’re trying to bring in collaborators from other agencies, from other universities that will conduct research at our center for freshwater research and education, that may have offices in that center. So it will provide a community of experts of Great Lakes issues in this region.”

The project will begin as soon as funding is secured.

New Great Lakes cruise liner to embark this summer

Above is the M.S. Saint Laurent's expected travel route from Montreal to Chicago. Graphic courtesy of the Great Lakes Cruise Company.

Above is the M.S. Saint Laurent’s expected travel route from Montreal to Chicago. Graphic courtesy of the Great Lakes Cruise Company.

Cruises across the Great Lakes are slowly becoming a part of the region’s culture, and new offerings are promising travelers a journey not just across the lakes, but also through time.
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State Senate sends budget cuts to Gov. Snyder that divert surplus school aid dollars

State lawmakers have approved diverting surplus school aid revenues to help close a $500 billion dollar budget hole.

The legislation would shift $250 million dollars in money originally earmarked for the state’s School Aid Fund. Another bill in the package would make cuts to several state departments. Continue reading