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The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was renewed for another five years earlier this week


The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was renewed for another five years. Congress will have have to approve spending every year to keep the program funded.

The initiative allows projects throughout the state to help reduce pollution, battle invasive species and monitor fisheries. Continue reading

Statewide conference looks to address contaminants on Great Lakes beaches.

Environmental groups and experts from around the state are gathering in Marquette this week to talk about Michigan’s beaches. The Great Lakes Beach Association Conference will highlight efforts to detect E. Coli faster, and survey beaches quicker.

Shannon Briggs is a toxicologist with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

She says keeping Michigan beaches clean and safe is a priority. “Michigan has great beaches, all across our state, and most of these beaches are in places that are tucked away in smaller communities. We want to keep those beaches open and  clean because those beaches are attracting other visitors and tourism.”

Click here to link to conference webinar information.   https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1873063

Buyers in Michigan are refusing colored glass bottles from recycling centers


Recycling centers in Michigan say they’re not receiving money for colored glass bottles. They say those bottles may have to go to landfills.

Buyers in Michigan still accept clear glass bottles for recycling, but not colored. So that could include; beer, wine or some pop bottles.

Lindsey Walker is Recycling Outreach for Emmet County Recycling Center. Continue reading

An estimated 275 deaths in Michigan every year are related to air pollution


A report released this week found an estimated 275 deaths in Michigan each year are related to air pollution.

This according to a new study conducted for the American Thoracic Society.

The report took data from 2011 to 2013. Continue reading

State asking for public comments on the pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac

Mackinac Bridge with swans swimming in the straits, June 2006. MDOT

Mackinac Bridge with swans swimming in the straits, June 2006. MDOT

The state has opened a public comment period on the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac.

Earlier this month, the company was ordered to install more supports under the pipeline. Some of the current supports are farther apart than the 75-feet, required by Michigan law. Continue reading

Genesee County awarded a 300-thousand dollar EPA grant to continue cleanup at a former GM facility


More than a million dollars in grants have been awarded to clean up Michigan Brownfield sites.

300-thousand of that money has been earmarked to clean up a former GM facility in Flint.

Brownfield sites are designated by cities, as areas for cleanup and revitalization. Continue reading

Health officials testing sewer contaminated water in Grand Traverse Bay


Health officials in Traverse City expect to know Tuesday, June 13, whether or not they can lift a public health advisory in the Grand Traverse Bay

Three-thousand gallons of untreated sewage leaked out of a sewer, and into a creek that flows through the Boardman River, and into Grand Traverse Bay on Saturday, June 11. Continue reading

Federal officials urge President Obama to ask Canada to consider alternative location for storing nuclear waste

SignSenators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters wrote a letter to the President asking him and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider an alternative location for storing nuclear waste.Right now the plan is to bury it in Canada near the shores of Lake Huron.

Senator Debbie Stabenow said the President and the Prime Minister Trudeau are scheduled to meet at the North American Leaders Summit later this month. She expects the nuclear disposal location will be discussed.

“ There has been a proposal put forward to put right on Lake Huron a disposal site underground site. On the Canadian side to store nuclear waste. And this is something that I’ve raised concerns about.”

The Canadian Minister of the Environment has twice postponed issuing a decision on the dump location. Since the most recent postponement, a new decision date has not been set

Beautiful sunsets caused by destructive wildfires in Canada

 Photo courtesy: Kai Petainen

Photo courtesy: Kai Petainen

Mesmerizing sunsets have been seen throughout the Great Lakes. They may be quite pleasant to look at, but their cause is rather destructive in nature.

Great sunsets come at great cost – in this case, it’s fires raging in Alberta, Canada. Continue reading

DEQ report looks at dioxin cleanup in Midland 


After years of soil sampling and cleanup efforts – the Department of Environmental Quality has released a report on the status of the dioxin contamination cleanup in Midland.

The report is the final step of cleanup efforts after area soils were contaminated by dioxin from Dow Chemical. Continue reading

Schuette challenging Lake Michigan water withdrawal request


State Attorney General Bill Schuette has sent a letter to Great Lakes governors challenging a proposal to allow the Wisconsin city of Waukesha to withdraw water from Lake Michigan.

The state attorney general has no formal role in approving or disapproving the request for a pipeline to Lake Michigan that would withdraw millions of gallons of water to replace the city’s contaminated water supply. Continue reading

Alpena County has received 850-thousand dollars for a dredging project in the Alpena Harbor

Alpena_ HBR_MI_011_L

Alpena County has received 850-thousand dollars for a dredging project on the Thunder Bay River.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers awarded the grant to fund a dredging project in the Alpena Harbor, which flows into Thunder Bay. Continue reading

Hefty petition rejecting nuclear dump hits the desk of Canadian Prime Minister

A new petition with nearly 100-thousand signatures, and over 30-thousand comments is calling on the Canadian Minister of the Environment to reject a nuclear waste dump on the shores of Lake Huron.
Continue reading

Service day projects throughout Michigan are honoring MLK day on Monday

Photo courtesy of The Little Forks Conservancy.

Photo courtesy of The Little Forks Conservancy.

Monday may be a holiday for some – but some communities are hoping to honor Martin Luther King Jr. day as a time for service.

The Little Forks Conservancy in Midland said volunteers will be constructing seed balls with clay, dirt and plant seeds in the middle. Continue reading

Alma College hosting webinar on global and rural-Michigan sustainability


On November 12, Alma College is hosting a webinar on global and rural sustainability.

The webinar will include a panel and interactive discussion about worldwide and rural-Michigan sustainability. Continue reading

Rescued raptors will be at Mid-Michigan Community College for a presentation

© 2011 Paige Calamari

© 2011 Paige Calamari

Isabella County community members have a chance to see hawks, falcons and owls close up Wednesday night.

A Birds of Prey presentation is being put on at the Mid-Michigan Community College Mt. Pleasant campus. Continue reading

Americorp: the domestic Peace Corps

Americorp Logo

Americorp Logo

Imagine a group like the Peace Corps that, instead of focusing on international issues, puts its effort into domestic problems.
For example, instead of providing clean water for third world countries, they clean wells for low-income rural homes in Michigan.
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The DEQ awards several grants to protect Michigan’s Great Lakes coastal wetlands

The state on Monday, August 7th, announced more than $700,000 in grants aimed at supporting coastal projects across Michigan.coastal-wetland-tobico_marsh

Central Michigan University received the largest single amount at $100,000.
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