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Grand Traverse County man looking to educate people on foraging, and enjoying the outdoors

Clay Bowers pulling out a wild parsnip.

Clay Bowers pulling out a wild parsnip.

There are people that hunt, fish, grow food, and shop at grocery stores.

Then there are foragers. One Traverse City man searches for food in the woods almost everyday – and teaches K-12 students how to do the same.

Clay Bowers was once a survivalist. He said he thought the world economy may collapse, and he needed to learn how to fend for himself. Continue reading

Over 700 acres of forest purchased by Leelanau Conservancy

PW Fall 014 WEB (1)Over 700 acres of forest land was purchased by the Leelanau Conservancy last week for 4.1 million dollars. The land was the largest contiguous tract of privately owned land remaining in Leelanau County.

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DNR asking for comment on logging Chippewa Hills Forest

tree sapThe Department of Natural Resources plans to reduce its tree harvest in the Chippewa Hills forest by 50%.

They’re cutting back after receiving phone calls from citizens and environmental groups who complained the DNR was going overboard.
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U.S Forest Service passes some logging responsibilities to MDNR

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has agreed to pick up some forest management responsibilities from the federal government.

The agreement will give the DNR logging rights in three Michigan national forests.
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