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Foster care bills on Governor’s desk drafted by U of M law students

Congreso Spain

Two bills signed into law this week could help keep siblings in foster care together.

We’ve already done some reporting on the bills, but not on the unusual path the bills took to get to Snyder’s desk.

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Michigan DEQ admits to mistakes handling Flint water crisis

mdeqThe Department of Environmental Quality has released a statement admitting they made a mistake in handling the recent Flint water crisis.

DEQ representatives said they mishandled the testing of Flint’s drinking water. They were holding the city to guidelines meant for a town with half of Flint’s population. Continue reading

Supporters shell out big bucks in governor, senate races

moneyIf you’ve tuned to local TV at any point in the last month, you’ve probably seen the election ads.

Millions of dollars have been spent so far on advertising in Michigan’s Governor and U.S. Senate races, and according to some political observers, there’s no end in sight.
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