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Snyder administration outlines 30-year water plan

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Governor Rick Snyder’s administration has released a first draft of a 30-year strategy for protecting and improving the state’s water resources.

The plan says there are environmental and economic benefits to protecting and improving lakes, rivers, and streams. The plan includes connecting waterways to promote tourism. Also, fixing outdated sewer and drinking water systems. Continue reading

State Senate to consider prevailing wage repeal next week

The state Senate will move forward with legislation to end prevailing wage requirements in Michigan. The state and many communities require that workers on publicly-funded construction projects get union-level pay and benefits. Continue reading

Governor Snyder says he’s glad to see action on no-fault


Governor Rick Snyder says he’s glad the state Senate debated and voted on legislation to make some changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law. But he’s not ready to endorse what the Senate did this week. Continue reading

Police, corrections take biggest cuts in budget-balancing plans

rick-snyder-mugjpg-446cf7790e6a2ea6Governor Rick Snyder’s budget-cutting order looks mostly to reductions in State Police, corrections, and health care spending as a first step toward retiring a deficit.
Continue reading

Governor: Not concerned about early ballot polls


Governor Rick Snyder says he’s not paying attention to early polls that show the road funding proposal on the May ballot is in trouble. The proposal would raise the state sales tax to 7 percent as part of a complicated plan to fund road repairs without taking money from schools or local governments. Continue reading

GOP leaders to go ahead with prevailing wage repeal

Republican leaders in the Legislature say opposition from Governor Rick Snyder will not stop them from trying to repeal the state’s prevailing wage law. It says state-funded construction projects have to pay workers union-level wages. Nearly two dozen local governments also have prevailing wage ordinances. Continue reading

Snyder follows up State of the State by continuing push for skilled trades


Gov. Rick Snyder is following up his State of the State address on Tuesday by continuing to promote skilled trades. In the speech, Snyder highlighted skilled trades as a way to boost employment, education, and Michigan’s economy during. Continue reading

Snyder: Road money discussions “constructive”


Governor Rick Snyder met today (Fri.) with the Legislature’s Republican and Democratic leaders to try and strike a deal on road funding. The governor hosted a day-long series of meetings in his state Capitol office to toss around ideas and crunch the numbers. Continue reading

Snyder: House transit plan not sufficient


Governor Rick Snyder says a plan adopted by the state House to shift sales taxes collected on fuel sales to roads won’t work. He says that could rob schools and local governments of money they need to operate.

“What I would say is the House action doesn’t get us there fast enough or far enough. It also creates major consequences to schools and local partners — that I don’t want to see negative things happen to them.”

But Snyder says he still believes the Legislature can get something done on roads during its “lame duck” session. The governor prefers the Senate-adopted version that would increase the fuel tax. He says the state needs to generate in excess of a $1 billion a year to fix its long-neglected transportation infrastructure.

“We need to do something and something of significance to get better roads. No one in our state likes our roads. If you find that person, send ‘em to me. I don’t think you can.”

The House plan would shift sales taxes collected on fuel sales to roads. Republicans also adopted an amendment that would revert to the current system of appropriations for schools or local governments go down during a six-year transition period.

“Speaker Bolger agrees with the governor that we need to find a solution and we have two weeks to work together to find the solution,” said Bolger spokesman Ari Adler. “Speaker Bolger will explain to the governor how his plan does not take money from schools or local governments, and we worked … to protect them.”

The “lame duck” session is expected to wrap up in a couple weeks. If road funding is not wrapped up by then, the process would start over with the new session that begins in January.

Snyder applauds Obama for approving flood assistance for Metro Detroit


Gov. Rick Snyder is applauding President Obama for approving financial assistance for people affected by massive flooding in and around Detroit.

Snyder says the August floods caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. He says the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) can now work with individual victims to determine how much money is available to them. Continue reading