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Bike medics on hand at National Cherry Festival

NF PHOTOS May 2014 409Traverse City’s National Cherry Festival is underway, attracting thousands of visitors to the Grand Traverse region. Read more

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Two Northwest Michigan schools have a new healthcare model

The state Departments of Community Health and Education are partnering to support a new approach to healthcare in northwest Michigan.

Health officials say more than half a million dollars in grant money is being used for a program in Pellston and Mancelona. It aims to integrate physical and mental health care for youth. Read more

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Drive to collect devices containing mercury in Bay County

thermometerBay County Health officials are working this summer to keep mercury out of the environment. Read more

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Children’s advocates take message to Washington D.C.

HealthcareOur nation’s capital this week will host hospital administrators and families from Michigan and around the country for what’s called the Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day. Read more

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CMU begins search to replace Founding Dean for College of Medicine

9f482c5139e70ca22f1d104684466925Central Michigan University is searching for a new Dean of its College of Medicine. Read more

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CMU’s Health Professions ready to roll out mobile health care

Mobile-Health-CentralEarlier this year we told you about Central Michigan University’s plan to provide mobile health care to Michigan. Read more

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McLaren Central Michigan is offering health care seminars

stethascopeSince the rollout of the Federal Affordable Care Act, Michigan residents have new health options to explore. Read more

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Michigan food deserts continue to impact residents

Fresh fruits and vegetables are popping up at local farmer’s markets across Michigan, but in some parts of the state, good food is hard to find.

The term food desert is used to describe areas with little or no access to affordable and nutritious food. Places, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, like Saginaw and Cadillac. Read more

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A new program is underway to help mid-Michigan seniors stay active

trailCentral Michigan seniors are getting a chance to prove they still got it thanks to several local Commissions on Aging. Read more

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Health officials: As summer starts, sunscreen is a must

After a hard Michigan winter that kept many residents inside, many are ready to enjoy the sunshine.

But health officials share skin cancer warnings with residents and urge caution when outside and inside.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. and Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Angela Minicuci is with the Michigan Department of Community Health. She says that indoor and outdoor tanning come with a serious risk.

“Part of the reason that we want to make sure people are protecting themselves early in life from tanning from UV ray exposure in general is because it does lead to cancer,” Minicuci said, “Science has proven that. And there are things that we need to address and some myths we need to dispel so that people do understand that this is a risk. It is an injury that you are doing to your body and it does increase your risk of potentially getting this very serious form of cancer.”

Minicuci says one myth is that a base tan equals skin protection. But she says a base tan only provides an spf of about 3 which is not very helpful.

She said it doesn’t matter if you are tanning indoors or out, the risk of deadly skin cancer is still present, especially for youth.

“Indoor tanning has different risks than outdoor natural sunlight,” Minicuci said, “And recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration came out with more stringent requirements regarding sunlamp products because of the risk that they pose especially to minors – so people who are young.”

Minicuci’s advice is to cover up and use sunscreen when outside.

According to the CDC’s latest data, over 61,000 people had skin cancer in 2010 and over 9,000 died from Melanoma cancer.

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