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Federal officials urge President Obama to ask Canada to consider alternative location for storing nuclear waste

SignSenators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters wrote a letter to the President asking him and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider an alternative location for storing nuclear waste.Right now the plan is to bury it in Canada near the shores of Lake Huron.

Senator Debbie Stabenow said the President and the Prime Minister Trudeau are scheduled to meet at the North American Leaders Summit later this month. She expects the nuclear disposal location will be discussed.

“ There has been a proposal put forward to put right on Lake Huron a disposal site underground site. On the Canadian side to store nuclear waste. And this is something that I’ve raised concerns about.”

The Canadian Minister of the Environment has twice postponed issuing a decision on the dump location. Since the most recent postponement, a new decision date has not been set

Congressman Dan Kildee is asking for the help from the U.S. Department of Defense in getting clean drinking water to Oscoda, in Iosco county

file000645083111Congressman Dan Kildee is calling on the U.S. Department of Defense to find an alternative water source for Oscoda residents who use well water.
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Veteran health fair in Saginaw looking to improve vets’ overall health


A veteran health fair in Saginaw is hoping to help veterans to improve their eating habits, and to raise awareness for homeless veterans.

The health fair will have healthy eating tips, information on health benefits and weight loss programs available for veterans and their families. Continue reading

State legislation could make tampons and pads available for free in schools and gov. buildings


Legislation introduced in the state house would require schools and government buildings to have feminine hygiene products available free of charge.

Currently, many tampons and pads cost money in bathrooms – or are not available at all.

State Representative Sarah Roberts said it’s unfair women have to feel embarrassed when caught without the products. Continue reading

Bay City follows anti-discrimination ordinance trend

LGBT_flag_02An anti-discrimination ordinance passed unanimously this week in Bay City, and looks similar to ordinances that are popping up in cities and counties across the state.

Some worry these ordinances will affect business. Others say they are essential for inclusive communities.

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MidMichigan Health is hoping to connect medical specialists to rural areas

Computer health

MidMichigan Health has received a $500,0000 grant to expand telemedicine services to rural areas.

The funding was provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it will help purchase new technology including an interactive stethoscope and software to connect specialists with rural hospitals. Continue reading

Conference to look at contamination issues near Alma

The city of Alma is surrounded by three contaminated EPA superfund sites.

In an attempt to educate the community, Alma College is hosting what it’s calling an Intergenerational Health Conference to examine the effects of living so close, to so much contamination.
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Health officials are warning that shoveling heavy, wet snow could trigger a heart attack


Cold weather mixed with moving hundreds of pounds of wet and heavy snow can be the recipe for a heart attack.

Especially for those who don’t exercise regularly.

Leslie Kinnee is with the Mid-Michigan District Health Department. She said the simple activity of shoveling snow can be more strenuous than running on a treadmill. Continue reading

First case of Zika virus in the state confirmed in Ingham county


The first case of Zika virus in Michigan has been confirmed in Ingham county.

Health officials say the 61 year old female contracted Zika on vacation in Barbados, where the virus is present. She returned to Michigan with symptoms a few weeks ago, and the test results confirmed the virus.

The patient was not pregnant. Continue reading

Scientists hunt link between Legionella and Flint water

Michigan scientists said it’s early, but as of now, there isn’t enough evidence to confirm or deny any possible link between the rise in Legionnaires Disease in Genesee county and the water crisis in Flint. Continue reading

A “What Matters to You?” health survey is conducted in northern Michigan

People in the Grand Traverse region will soon have the opportunity to voice their concerns about community health. This through a new survey being offered in the new year. survey Continue reading

New report shows suffering from hunger directly affects health


While many Americans are getting ready to gorge out and celebrate Thanksgiving — 50 million people are suffering from hunger.

The 2016 World Hunger Report shows the main causes of poor health as well as the main drivers of healthcare costs, are related to diet. Continue reading

Bay County summit aims to tackle heroin addiction


Health officials say Bay County has seen a recent spike in heroin use. An event December 15 is looking to reach out to those affected by the drug.

A heroin summit is being planned by the Self Sufficiency Task Force and the Bay County Prevention Network. Speakers at the event will include past users, family members, law enforcement, and doctors. Continue reading

Uncle John’s resumes cider sales following positive E. Coli results


Uncle John’s Cider Mill in St. Johns has resumed sales of cider, after a sample tested positive for E. Coli earlier this week.

Uncle John’s ceased all cider sales following that positive test result earlier this week, and a recall was issued for cider with a sell-by date of October 30th. Continue reading

Northern Michigan fish hatchery under inspection from OSHA

Pendills Creek Fishery in Brimley recently underwent an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection for the first time.

The inspection dug up 11 serious violations that needed to be addressed.
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Baby squirrels in Saint Helen are getting some much needed attention, in the form of donated acorns

Photo courtesy of the ARK

Photo courtesy of the ARK

Squirrel’s need TLC too — and one animal rehabilitation center in northern Michigan is collecting acorns to feed them.

The Association to Rescue Kritters, or ARK, in Saint Helen saves all kinds of animals. Continue reading

Immunization education is main focus of local health experts


Local health experts say they’re renewing focus on immunization education. They are hoping to lower the number of vaccine waivers in schools.

Michigan is ranked with the 4th highest vaccine waiver rate in the country. Continue reading

For the first time, college students are choosing marijuana over cigarettes


Cigarettes seem to be losing popularity among college students, while marijuana is gaining popularity.

That’s according to a study done by the University of Michigan.

The study says six percent of full-time college students used marijuana at least twenty times in a thirty day period. Making them daily, or near-daily users. Continue reading

Too early to talk about alcohol? Doctors say nine-years old is prime age for “the talk”


It seems it’s never too early for the talk, the one about alcohol. Now doctors recommend that parents begin talking to their children about alcohol abuse when the kids are nine-years old.

This is according to a recent study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Continue reading