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Finding Santa in a sea of red and white

The workshop

The workshop

When I walked into the replica of Santa’s workshop and was confronted by well over 40 real-bearded, bright red suit wearin’ Santas, this somewhat-mature 23-year old reporter immediately turned into a 10 year old boy.
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Airlines are seeing the biggest increase in Thanksgiving flights since the great recession


Over 25 million people are expected to fly over the Thanksgiving holiday period from November 20 – December 1. Thankfully, airlines are prepared for the large number of travelers.

Airlines for America said this is the largest number of Thanksgiving holiday flights booked since the great recession in 2009. It’s also a 3% increase from last year. Continue reading

Energy researchers say gas prices don’t drive gasoline consumption

AAA predicts that nearly 95 million people will be traveling for the holidays. Many divers are finding gas prices to be much better than last year.

However, energy economists said gas prices have little impact on how much people actually drive.

They said life milestones such as retiring and even what part of the country we live in are more important factors. Continue reading

A local organization is encouraging people to celebrate Giving Tuesday

A local organization is encouraging people to celebrate Giving Tuesday

A Mid Michigan organization is encouraging people to celebrate what’s known as Giving Tuesday Dec. 2.

Girls On The Run of Central Michigan is celebrating the day by encouraging people to share moments of giving. Continue reading

A smaller community’s ‘Black Friday’

Black Friday can create a craze among mall shoppers across the nation, but it’s not as often that you hear about smaller communities, with fewer malls and more local retailers, linked to the day after Thanksgiving.
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Officials: A little Halloween candy may not cause diabetes, but lifestyle and genetics do

Candy, kids, and spooks are the theme Friday. And it’s no trick that 30 million children and adults have diabetes in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The American Diabetes Association is offering a month of healthy lifestyle activities to help stop diabetes.

Robyn Webb is a nutritionist, Food Editor and author of “The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook”.

She said one way to avoid the Halloween sugar coma is to get kids involved in making healthy foods.

“Kids can get involved. They’re going to participate with their family in making delicious foods,” Webb said, “And they’re going to get to see how healthy food can taste great, that they don’t need all the Halloween candy, and all of the other things that happen during the holidays.”

Webb said it’s important for family members to support each other especially when a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes.

She said holidays don’t have to be difficult for people with diabetes and she says, sticking to a health diet doesn’t mean you have to skip tasty treats.

“People who have diabetes in their family, it’s really important that everyone gets on board and supports the person that does have diabetes.,” Webb said, “And make sure if you are in a family of people that do have diabetes get yourself checked as well.”

Webb said for foods that aren’t healthy, she recommends eating smaller portions.

“It’s never about depriving people of what they want to have it’s about intelligently rearranging their food so that it is healthy and it certainly will meet all of their needs to manage their diabetes,” Webb said.


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Holiday Meal Tips for Weight Watchers


With Thanksgiving dinners behind us, sights are set on another big holiday meal.

Instead of worrying about having to buy the next belt or pants size up, you might want to try some strategies offered by the weight-loss support organization, TOPS; that stands for Taking Off Pounds Sensibly. Continue reading