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State says Flint’s water meets federal requirements for lead and copper, still not safe to drink

bottled water

A new state report finds lead and copper levels in Flint water levels meet federal requirements, though, officials say it’s still not totally safe to drink.

The state is still urging people to use water filters and bottled water for drinking and cooking. Continue reading

Scientist who brought attention to Flint crisis says city’s water quality is on the rise

file0001763074512A Virginia Tech professor released a study last week outlining the current quality of Flint’s drinking water and linking the use of Flint river water to an increase in Legionella cases.

In 2015 Professor Marc Edwards and his team helped raise the alarm about Flint’s drinking water.

CMU’s Ben Thorp sat down with Marc to talk about the study and the current state of Flint’s water.

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Flint residents to receive new water test kits

Bottled Water In Cooler
As officials continue investigating the Flint water crisis, some attention is turning to the water faucets in people’s homes.

State officials said older faucets and other fixtures can provide a significant amount of lead in water. They said lead begins to seep into the water when it’s stagnant in the faucet.

Officials are encouraging Flint residents to test their water immediately after turning a faucet on, and again after the water has run. George Krisztian is the Flint Action Plan Coordinator for the DEQ.

“Residents will be receiving a kit with two bottles in it. One 250 to highlight that the lead is coming from the fixture, and a second going to demonstrate that after the 250 mL bottle that lead should go down significantly.”

Krisztian said current water fixtures have lower lead levels than older fixtures. The state wants to collect testing data and then make recommendations to residents on whether or not they should consider replacing fixtures.

The state is offering to forgive student loan debt for medical professionals in Genesee County

Opened First Aid Kit

Opened First Aid Kit

In a move to address health concerns among Flint residents related to the water crisis, the state is offering to forgive student loans for health care professionals in Genesee County.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human services is offering to forgive up to 50 thousand dollars of student loans for as many as 15 health professionals. Continue reading

Congressional delegation makes stop in Flint

Setting up for the event at Grace Emmanuel Church in Flint

Setting up for the event at Grace Emmanuel Church in Flint

Today, A delegation of members of Congress went to Flint to listen to the grievances of local residents.

More than 100 people showed up to tell their stories, and attempt to be heard at the national level.

The overarching theme for the event, as Nancy Pelosi addressed a church full of Flint residents, was looking forward.
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State stepping up home visits, education to deal with Flint water crisis

file9721249317862Five new centers have been set up in Flint to get water filters and testing kits to city residents. It’s another step to address the lead contamination crisis in Flint as Governor Rick Snyder faced a growing crescendo of criticism over the weekend on the state’s handling of the crisis. Continue reading