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Michigan nurses call for action on safe staffing legislation

hospital room

86% of registered nurses say they’re having trouble caring for patients because too many are assigned to them.

That’s according to a survey conducted for the Michigan Nurses Association.

In it, 50% of RN’s surveyed said they have had an unsafe number of patients on at least half of their shifts. Continue reading

Gov. Snyder signs legislation removing outdated laws from the books


It’s now legal to trample your neighbors huckleberry bushes, curse in front of your mother and sing the national anthem out of tune.

Governor Snyder signed a stack of bills that remove outdated and strange laws from Michigan’s criminal code. Continue reading

Legislation would create 6 new college promise zones


A proposal in Lansing would add six college promise zones to the state.

Promise zones create local scholarships and helps pool money from the school district to pay tuition costs of students attending college. Continue reading

Pitbull ban under fire from animal rights groups

PitbullThe city of West Branch is coming under fire from Pitbull owners and animal rights groups for their ban against the aforementioned breed.

Breed Specific Legislation are laws that ban certain types of dogs from an area. These laws are nothing new, but controversial nonetheless.
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House bill to protect late night gas station attendants heard in Committee

11 07 Michigan VisitLate night gas station attendants in Michigan may see increased security at their workplace under a bill making its way through Lansing.

The move would require gas stations to staff at least two employees between 11pm and 5am, or have security cameras installed.
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Congress to consider new legislation aimed at improving health care for Veterans

veterans 11-13-13Veteran’s Day will be fresh in the minds of congress as they return to work this week and consider legislation that aims to improve the health care system for the growing number of vets.

With veterans returning home in unprecedented numbers, veteran care officials say health care issues for veterans need to be addressed. Continue reading