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Waiver approval means 600,000 people can stay on Michigan’s Medicaid expansion

hospital 11-08-13About 600,000 Michiganders will be able to stay on the state’s expanded Medicaid program.

The Healthy Michigan plan got a critical waiver approval from the federal government on Thursday.
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Advocates hope state will reverse new Medicaid policy

hospital 11-08-13Patient advocates and hospital-affiliated HMOs say a decision to drop them from the state’s Medicaid program will impose hardships on the people they serve.

They say thousands of low-income patients could be forced to change physicians and treatment programs if the decision stands.
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Report: Most kids on Medicaid don’t get dental care


A new report commissioned by advocacy groups says many low-income kids and seniors are going without dental care.

The report by the PEW Charitable Trust said there are many parts of Michigan facing a shortage of dentists. Also, many people don’t use dental services when they’re available. Continue reading

MI submits application to add more low-income families to Medicaid

hospital 11-08-13Michigan officials hope to know by Christmas whether the Obama administration has accepted the state’s plan for extending Medicaid coverage to thousands of working poor people. The state formally submitted its proposal to the federal government Friday. Continue reading