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Michigan DNR assists in fire fighting efforts in southeastern states

DSC_0150Extreme drought conditions in the southeastern states has led to a series of wildfires across four states.

The state Department of Natural Resources has dispatched several teams to assist in fighting the fires.

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Michigan loosening up driverless cars rule

carMichigan is edging closer to clearing the roads for driverless cars.

A state senate committee OKed a package of bills that loosens existing rules for autonomous vehicles.

Pamela Fletcher is with General Motors. She testified in support of the changes at the committee hearing in Saginaw.

“We think it really is ground breaking in terms of modeling…and Michigan leading…and modeling what other states can do to bring this kind of development and this kind of deployment very quickly into the state.”

One state official says Michigan is in a “wrestling match” with other states … especially California … over which will be the future home of the “mobility Industry.”

The driverless car bills may be on the legislative fast track this fall.

Overhaul in the works for Michigan’s opioid tracking system



Opioid tracking in Michigan is getting an overhaul in the future. A state task force has been working on using millions of dollars to put a dent in Michigan’s opioid drug problem. A big portion of the money and resources will go toward a new opioid tracking system.
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An estimated 275 deaths in Michigan every year are related to air pollution


A report released this week found an estimated 275 deaths in Michigan each year are related to air pollution.

This according to a new study conducted for the American Thoracic Society.

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