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MI Supreme Court report guides judges on indigent defendants

Michigan Supreme Court building

A report ordered by the state Supreme Court gives judges guidance on some alternatives to incarcerating defendants who can’t afford to pay fines or fees. Jailing someone who can’t afford to pay has been deemed unconstitutional. Continue reading

Supreme Court hears state employee right-to-work case

gavelThe Michigan Supreme Court will decide later this year whether the right-to-work law applies to state employee unions. The court just heard the legal challenge to the law filed by state employee unions. They say the state civil service authority supersedes the law adopted by the Legislature in 2012.
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MI Supreme Court will decide whether RTW covers state workers

Civil Service

The Michigan Supreme Court will decide next year whether the state’s right-to-work law applies to unionized civil service employees.

Four unions representing 35,000 state civil service workers filed the challenge.
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MI Supreme Court: Juvenile lifers won’t be re-sentenced

Michigan Hall of Justice. Courtesy Wikipedia User Jeffness.

Michigan Hall of Justice. Courtesy Wikipedia User Jeffness.

The Michigan Supreme Court says felons sentenced as juveniles to life without parole won’t get new sentences. That’s despite a US Supreme Court ruling that says it’s cruel and unusual punishment.
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Michigan Supreme Court takes two more medical marijuana cases

The state Supreme Court has agreed to hear two more medical marijuana cases. Two medical marijuana cardholders want the state’s highest court to rule that a voter-approved law shields them from criminal charges.
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MI Supreme Court to decide fate of 350 juvenile lifers

file0001823478797Life without parole used to be the automatic sentence for juveniles who were tried as adults and convicted of first degree murder. That was until June of 2012, when the US Supreme Court ruled that automatic life without parole for juveniles was unconstitutional.

But there’s a question here in Michigan that remains – what happens to more than 350 juvenile lifers here who were sent to prison before the decision. The state Supreme Court will hear arguments Thursday on that question.
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