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Bay City follows anti-discrimination ordinance trend

LGBT_flag_02An anti-discrimination ordinance passed unanimously this week in Bay City, and looks similar to ordinances that are popping up in cities and counties across the state.

Some worry these ordinances will affect business. Others say they are essential for inclusive communities.

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What changes with marijuana decriminalization in Mount Pleasant

potLaw enforcement officials in Mt. Pleasant say the decision of voters earlier this month to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, won’t have much of an impact on their operations.

Under the city’s charter, adults 21 and older may use, possess, or transfer less than one ounce of marijuana on private property. Continue reading

Central Michigan health summit aims to “get people excited”

Michigan health professionals are planning to “get people excited” about dealing with health challenges and making healthy choices at Tuesday’s health summit in Mount Pleasant.
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Michigan communities work on developing local “brands”

michigan1The concept of self-identity for communities in the state of Michigan has become a trend over recent years, partially due to the growth of the “Pure Michigan” campaign.

Some cities, like Alpena, are already engaged in the process. Others, like Mount Pleasant, are just beginning the process to answer the question “Who are we?” Continue reading

The Harlem Globetrotters make a visit to Mount Pleasant


One of the winningest teams in sports history recently paid a visit to Central Michigan University.

But the team is perhaps less known for its win-record than for being a part of Americana. Continue reading

A community volunteer program finds a way to feed students in need on the weekends

Many children in need qualify for free or reduced lunch Monday through Friday. Isabella County and the Community Compassion Network have created a Nutrition Club to provide food to elementary students on the weekends.
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