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Time is running short for Consumers Energy to meet an April deadline

The clock is ticking down for Consumers Energy’s Karn-Weadock plant in Bay County as an April 16th deadline to meet federal air quality standards approaches.

Consumers Energy is in the midst of an upgrade to two of its coal plants in a move that could reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 95%. This would place Consumers within the federal air quality limits.

Dan Bishop, Director of Media Relations at Consumers Energy, said the reduction in sulfur emissions aren’t the only benefit Michigan residents will receive from the upgrades.

“There are other acid gases that are impacted. So customers are getting their moneys worth when it comes to this kind of investment. A side note, this means that about two hundred building trade jobs [created] out at the plant, and theres been an emphasis on hiring from Michigan based companies”, he said.

Bishop said the new filtration system will reduce toxicity by essentially working as a vacuum, pulling harmful compounds out of the air.

The compounds will be either recycled back into the filtration system or brought to a landfill.

Bishop said the project is about half way done, as upgrades have already been applied to one plant. He said work on the second will begin in the first quarter of next year.