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Snyder booed by Flint crowd at POTUS event

Snyder_courtesy_4Governor Rick Snyder took the stage to face an angry crowd in Flint today (Wed.). About a thousand people were gathered in a high school gymnasium to hear President Obama’s address in the city’s drinking water crisis. Many booed as the governor spoke for about two and a half minutes.
Governor Snyder is widely blamed in Flint for decisions that led to lead-tainted drinking water.
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Snyder: Flint water promise resumes following international trip

Snyder_courtesy_4Governor Rick Snyder arrives back home tomorrow (Sat.) following a week-long economic development trip to Europe.

The governor attended a manufacturing conference in Germany, toured a skilled trade training center in Switzerland, met with auto industry executives in Italy, and checked out state-of-the-art water infrastructure in The Netherlands – which, he says could serve as a model for lead pipe replacement in Flint.

The governor says he will resume his promise to drink filtered water from Flint for 30 days once he’s back.

“So I’ll be back drinking Flint water this weekend.”

The governor says he’ll add at least seven days of drinking Flint water to make up for the week he was in Europe.

Governor Snyder addresses public on criminal investigation

Gov Rick SnyderGovernor Rick Snyder addressed Wednesday’s announcement on criminal charges in the Flint water crisis in an afternoon press conference.  He called investigations into wrongdoing in Flint “critically important”.

Snyder says both state employees have been suspended without pay following the criminal charges.

He says a concurrent investigation by the Michigan State Police is still ongoing.

Flint residents will be asked to help flush water system

bottle-of-waterA group of experts says Flint’s water is improving, but the next step is to persuade city residents to help flush the system.

The findings were presented at a task force meeting presided over by Governor Rick Snyder, who said he’s glad to see progress is being made in the city’s lead contamination crisis.
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State task force member speaks about Flint water crisis

epa logoA task force appointed by the Governor has laid most of the blame for the Flint water crisis on bad decisions by state departments like the Department of Environmental Quality.

Task force member Chris Kolb says the D-E-Q completely missed the boat when it allowed Flint not to use corrosion control for its drinking water.

The report also criticized the state’s emergency manager law, because it allowed non-elected officials to ignore public complaints about the water.

State task force puts responsibility for Flint water crisis on Michigan environmental officials

rick-snyder-mugjpg-446cf7790e6a2ea6Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has repeatedly claimed that Flint’s lead contaminated water crisis was caused by all levels of government. But today, a task force that he appointed called those claims “inappropriate official public relations efforts.”
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Democrats on Flint committee want former EMs, Snyder to testify

flintA joint legislative committee looking into the Flint water crisis was told today that state environmental watchdogs failed to follow federal clean water rules.

The state auditor general says the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality mis-interpreted a rule that’s supposed to ensure lead doesn’t seep into drinking water. The Republican chair of the committee says he wants to question DEQ officials.
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Top Democrat in state Senate, a Flint resident, says he’ll sign Snyder recall petition

State Sen. Jim Ananich (D-Flint) in 2014.

State Sen. Jim Ananich (D-Flint) in 2014.

The top Democrat in the state Senate says he’ll sign a petition to recall Gov. Rick Snyder if given the opportunity.

State Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich is from Flint. He’s angered by the governor’s testimony in front of a congressional committee looking into the city’s water crisis.
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