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Saginaw police use safe neighborhood grant to reduce violence in the city.

Police Station

The Saginaw police are planning to use the summer months to reconnect with city youth and continue work on lowering the city’s crime rates.

To that end, police are beginning to tap into a 174 thousand dollar grant through Project Safe Neighborhood.

“What we plan on to use the grant for is to basically re-engage with youth, within the school system. To put school resource officers back into the schools on a part time basis, here in the city of Saginaw,” said Robert Ruth, the Chief of Police in Saginaw. Working with children; trying to re-engage with them.”

Ruth says the department also plans to use the money to increase enforcement in the streets by targeting gun and gang violence.

The funding comes from a $500 thousand grant aimed at reducing gun and gang violence in the city, given by the US Department of Justice Safe Neighborhoods project.