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Sault-area school receiving attention for success of low-income students

file2511249323684Student success across the state often correlates with economic status.

That trend is being broken by only a few schools in Michigan, including one in Sault Sainte Marie.

The Joseph K. Lumsden Anishinaabe School is a K through 8 grant school chartered by Northern Michigan University. It serves nearly 500 students.

The school received recognition because students on the lowest end of achievement were almost evenly represented by low-income, middle income and upper income students.

Statewide economically disadvantaged students are nearly three times as likely to have low achievement as the non-economically disadvantaged.

Carolyn Dale works for the JKL school. She attributes the success to a combination of school supports and cultural acceptance.

“It really goes back to that sense of family and community. A sense of bonding a sense of these are our children. The Anishinabe culture is huge it’s woven into everything we do.”

Dale said the school can serve as a rubric for student success across the state.

Michigan students to be trained in CPR before graduation

_DSC6201A new law requires Michigan schools to teach students how to perform hands-only CPR training as well as defibrillator use.

The training must be administered sometime between seventh and 12th grade.

Sarah Poole is with Michigan’s American Heart Association.

“This is legislation that we started talking with lawmakers about probably a year and a half ago, and a number of lawmakers at that point expressed support and really came on board in fact a number of them shared stories of using CPR to save somebody.”

Poole says Michigan is the 36th state to require CPR training in public schools.

Counties pursuing millages for vocational programming in schools

P1040068Clare County will vote today on a millage to support vocational classes in the county’s school districts.

It’s one of many counties across the state looking for wider support of classes that train students for jobs right out of high school.

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Michigan schools react to the Every Student Succeeds Act


Local school districts are offering their responses to the new education reform act. The measure, known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, was signed into law by President Obama on December 11, 2015. It replaces the controversial No Child Left Behind Act.

Sheryl Presler is the superintendent at Clare Gladwin Regional Education Service District. She said in the past all districts were measured in exactly the same way, without taking into account important factors such as size, so one or two students could affect overall scores in a small district.  Continue reading

Americorp: the domestic Peace Corps

Americorp Logo

Americorp Logo

Imagine a group like the Peace Corps that, instead of focusing on international issues, puts its effort into domestic problems.
For example, instead of providing clean water for third world countries, they clean wells for low-income rural homes in Michigan.
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Pedestrian tunnel in Petoskey allows for safer crossing between schools


For students, crossing the street in Petoskey just got a whole lot safer. A pedestrian tunnel now lets people cross the road between the middle and high school underground.

Construction started in the spring and wrapped up just last week. Continue reading

Thunder Bay Community Health opening new center in a Cheboygan school

cheboyganschoolsCheboygan Area Schools will soon offer more than just an education. It will also offer students a designated health center.

Thunder Bay Community Health Center is opening up a new location inside Cheboygan’s Intermediate school.

The center will offer things like immunizations, dental care, and behavioral health counseling. Services will be available to any Cheboygan area school district students.

Cheboygan Area Schools Superintendent, Mark Dombroski, says no family will be turned away.

“I just believe that our student population, were pushing, were above 60 percent of free and reduced that the financial need is there in this area. No family will be refused service, if they do not have any means of pay, they will get it taken care of” says Dombroksi.

Dombrowski says Thunder Bay already had previously opened a health center in Onaway schools. They plan to use that as a model.thunder bay health

This is the 103rd school based health care center to open in Michigan. The center is expected to open within the next few weeks.

Michigan schools continue to struggle under emergency management


It’s been almost two-and-a-half years since Michigan’s revamped emergency manager law took effect. Thirteen Michigan cities and five school districts are currently under some form of state oversight.

Regardless of your thoughts about the idea of the state appointing unelected officials to take control over cities and schools – it’s fair to say there have been some successes on the municipal front. Seven cities are now transitioning back to full local control. Only one municipal emergency manager remains on the job. Continue reading

Davenport University announces restructuring of several mid-Michigan campuses

Davenport UniversitryDavenport

davenportDavenport University announced on Thursday they’ll begin to restructure several of their mid-Michigan locations.

Some of those changes includes a merger of the Flint and Kalamazoo campus with local community colleges, such as Mott Community College in Flint.

That merger will take place this fall. Continue reading

‘On The Map’ discovers hidden masterpieces in Clare


A piece of history – actually four pieces of history – are hidden, in plain sight, on the walls of the Clare Middle School.

Four giant murals adorn the walls of the Clare Middle School auditorium, and they have been there since 1938 when the building was the high school. Continue reading

Snyder signs law cutting off welfare for families with truant kids


Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a new law tying welfare benefits to school attendance.

For more than two years, a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services policy has ended cash assistance for families with children who persistently miss school. House Bill 4041 cements that policy in state law. Continue reading

Incoming state superintendent wants to reduce testing, keep watch on homeschoolers


The incoming state superintendent says he wants to cut down on the amount of time students spend taking standardized tests.

Brian Whiston answered questions from lawmakers on Wednesday for the first time. He says the state may need to move away from the brand new M-STEP exam. Continue reading