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Pilot program to help the homeless get state IDs

We’ve all been there, waiting in line for hours at the secretary of state’s office.

But what if you wait for hours – only to be told you need a valid birth certificate, and permanent address – but you have no way to prove who you are. Continue reading

State policy change now makes it easier for transgender residents to change their gender on a driver’s license


The state has eased up on a policy that made it difficult for transgender residents to change gender on a driver’s license.

Previously, an amended birth certificate was needed to make a change. And in order to change a birth certificate, a person has to provide proof of transformative surgery. Continue reading

New website offers tips for older drivers


Telling an older family member that they shouldn’t be driving is tough… but a new state website has resources and tips to make that difficult discussion a little easier.

Safe Drivers Smart Options launched earlier this week. Continue reading

Two dealerships; one in Lansing and one in Mt. Pleasant have been suspended

University Motor Mall sign. Photo courtesy of www.cars.com

University Motor Mall sign. Photo courtesy of www.cars.com

Two dealerships; one in Mt. Pleasant, one in Lansing, have been suspended from buying or selling vehicles.

The Secretary of State received complaints from customers who did not get a title or registration after buying a vehicle from University Motor Mall. Continue reading

Michigan seeking bids to replace old election equipment

Example of a voting machine in Michigan.

Example of a voting machine in Michigan.

Michigan is accepting proposals to replace outdated election equipment.

The Secretary of State is looking to replace the more than ten-year old election equipment found at local precincts around the state. Continue reading

Proposal in Lansing would add emergency contacts to state IDs


A measure in Lansing would allow for encrypted emergency contact information on your driver’s license or state ID.

The information could include the name, address, and phone number of your chosen contact person. Continue reading

Alterations made to award-winning license plate

Displayed is the original plate (top) and the updated plate (bottom). Photo courtesy of the Secretary of State.

Displayed is the original plate (top) and the updated plate (bottom). Photo courtesy of the Secretary of State.

It’s been out for just about a year, and changes have already been made to Michigan’s newest, and award-winning, license plate.
Continue reading

New license plate to support breast cancer screening

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Secretary of State.

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Secretary of State.

October is traditionally consumed with pumpkins, costumes and candy, but lately, the month has also flowered with pink for breast cancer awareness month.

For the first time ever, Michigan is launching a “pink ribbon” license plate for drivers. It’s a partnership between the Michigan Secretary of State and Department of Community Health.

Angela Minicuci is a spokeswoman for the state health department, and she said money collected from the plates will go toward the department’s breast cancer screening services program.

“And what that does, is not only provides screenings, but also helps with follow up care, which includes cancer treatment,” she said. “Reaching women just to get them in for screening only a portion of what this program does.”

Minicuci says $25 will go toward the program when the plate is first purchased, and another $10 each time it’s renewed.

In addition to the pink ribbon on the left of the plate, there is a message at the bottom that reads, “Early Detection Saves Lives.”

The “pink ribbon” license plate is available now and will be throughout the year.