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Michigan’s “stand-your-ground” law would be repealed under new bill

A Democratic state Senator hopes to repeal Michigan’s “stand-your-ground” law.

Under that law, a person can use deadly force against someone else with no requirement to retreat. That’s as long as the person isn’t engaged in a crime, is somewhere they’re legally allowed to be, and feels deadly force is the only way to defend themselves. Continue reading

Early reading bill falls short in state House after seven-hour session

School-GenericA bill meant to improve early literacy in Michigan has hit a snag in the state House.

House leaders gave up on holding a vote on House Bill 4822 after trying for more than seven hours to gain enough support.

Some lawmakers are concerned about requiring schools to hold back third graders who are not proficient in reading – even if they’re making progress and are “doing all the right things.” Continue reading

As state House gets set to take up roads, Dem leader criticizes Senate plan


Democrats in the state Legislature are criticizing Republican plans to boost road funding. That’s as the House gets set to take up the debate next week.

The state Senate approved a plan last week that would boost the gas tax by 15 cents a gallon over three years and shift $700 million from other areas of the budget. It also includes a possible rollback in the state income tax rate. Continue reading

Supporters of Michigan religious freedom bill push back against critics

Symbols of the Three Monotheistic ReligionsSupporters of a religious freedom bill in the state Legislature are pushing back against recent criticism. The legislation is meant to protect religious practices against state and local government interference.
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Roads, pot, civil rights on agenda as state lawmakers return from summer break

By Jake Neher


The state Legislature returns Tuesday after a two month summer break.

Republican leaders still have some big priorities to accomplish before the end of the year. None are bigger than finding a way to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads.

But it looks like that and other major bills will have to wait until the Legislature’s “lame duck” session in December. Top lawmakers say they do notexpect many major votes between now and the November election.

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State school board asks lawmakers for tougher laws on charter schools

flag in classroomThe state Board of Education is urging lawmakers to put tougher regulations on charter schools.

The board approved a set of legislative recommendations regarding charter schools on Tuesday. One recommendation asks lawmakers to consider putting a so-called “smart cap” on charter school creation.
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Legislative leaders say civil rights law update can get done in ’14

State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe)

State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe)

The Legislature’s Republican leaders say they think the state’s civil rights law can be updated to cover lesbian, gay, and transgender people before the end of the year. Last week, Governor Rick Snyder called on the Legislature to take up the question.
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Activists cheer as dispensaries, “medibles” bills clear House panel

potLegislation that would give medical marijuana patients more ways to obtain and use cannabis is one step closer to becoming law. A state House panel unanimously approved House Bills 4271 and 5104 Tuesday.

They would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate again in Michigan and let patients use edible forms of marijuana, respectively. The legislation would give communities the ability to decide whether to allow dispensaries under new regulations.
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Legislature’s staredown with Right to Life a rarity

The Michigan Capital Building, courtesy wikipedia user Nikopoley.

The Michigan Capital Building, courtesy wikipedia user Nikopoley.

The state Legislature is in its final week of voting before it adjourns for the year. One of the big questions is whether lawmakers will cast votes on a controversial anti-abortion issue this year. The measure was put before the Legislature by a petition drive that gathered 300 thousand signatures.
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