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Saginaw Valley State University hosts growing science competition


Opened First Aid Kit

Opened First Aid Kit

I took a trip to Saginaw Valley State University’s campus for this year’s regional HOSA competition.  HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America.

The event is focused on getting high school students involved with every level of the health science field…. and it’s a big field.

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Climate change expert from Caribbean coming to SVSU

Dr. Lorna Inniss- photo courtesy of SVSU.

Dr. Lorna Inniss- photo courtesy of SVSU.

Climate change is a hot topic for many — and for one climate change expert it’s important enough to travel 2,500 miles to Saginaw to talk about it.

On 9/14, Monday night, Saginaw Valley State University is hosting Dr. Lorna Inniss. She’s the Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit in Barbados. Continue reading

SVSU updates their non-discriminatory policy to include protections for the transgender community

SVSUSaginaw Valley State University is adding gender identity and genetic information protections to its non-discrimination policy.
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SVSU to host program designed to encourage women in politics


Michigan has significantly fewer women than men in higher office, at the local and state levels. Saginaw Valley State University is looking to fix that problem.

SVSU is hosting a program called Ready to Run Michigan. Ready to Run was first founded by Rutgers University 15 years ago and has since been around to multiple states.

Ready to Run is available for all ages and will have women in politics hosting workshops and panels. These sessions will give participants the knowledge, skills, and training needed for running a political campaign. Topics such as media training, fundraising strategies, and building political leadership will be the main focus.

Dr. Jesse Donahue is the Chair of the Political Science Department at SVSU. She says she is excited to promote this conference.

“The idea behind it was to create a nonpartisan conference to help increase the number of women elected to office, we still have significantly fewer women than men elected to higher office.”

The conference will take place on April 17th and 18th, and participants must sign up before. Below is the link to the form.


Health study looking for participants 50 years or older


Saginaw Valley State University is looking for people to help with an upcoming health study.

The study will be conducted in several waves of 12-week long classes. Participants must be 50 years and older.

Some of the participants will focus on eating healthy, others will increase physical activity. The goal is to study the effectiveness of each. Continue reading

Businesses big and small flock to SVSU for sustainability conference

Saginaw Valley State University is partnering with Shri Ram College of Commerce from India to host a conference on sustainability.

The event is bringing together corporate representatives and small business owners alike, in order to discuss the many aspects of sustainability on several levels.

J.J. Boehm (Baem), Director of Media Relations for SVSU, says the barriers between local and international business are getting smaller every day.

“It used to be that you could be a successful local or regional business, but in today’s marketplace you need to be able to compete globally in order to succeed even as that local or regional business. And by the same token, a local or regional business may have opportunities in an emerging economy such as India.”

Speakers will take a look at sustainability in regards to energy, family business, agribusiness, and economic development.

The conference began Wednesday, September 24 and runs through Friday the 26.
SVSU Conference on Sustainability: