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Law enforcement officers receive new domestic violence training



October is Domestic Violence awareness month, and law enforcement officers are now being trained in new ways to identify symptoms of abuse even if they aren’t visible to the eye.

The new training sessions will help officers identify signs of strangulation, and address them more effectively. That’s an important issue, police trainers say, as many as 68% of domestic violence victims are strangled at least once.

Hermina (Her-MEE-nuh) Kramp is the deputy executive director of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. She said a lot has changed over the past 30 years.

“One thing that have changed the most over the past 20 to 30 years since we’ve started working on this is we have a better understanding of what a domestic violence perpetrator is intending. We no longer place the burden on the victim to have to go forward. Which wasn’t the case 30 years ago but that is the difference for us to be able to better serve, protect, and assist.”

Kramp said this grant funded training draws on new research to develop better practices for investigations.

The new training was recently held in Traverse City. The next training session will take place on next month near Detroit.

“A little bit of freedom” is result of training program which pairs inmates and leader dogs for the blind

DSC_8275 (1)Service dogs for the blind are being trained by prison inmates at a growing number of prisons state and nationwide.

And some of the professionals who work with the program say prison inmates are the best trainers around.

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Northern Michigan fish hatchery under inspection from OSHA

Pendills Creek Fishery in Brimley recently underwent an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection for the first time.

The inspection dug up 11 serious violations that needed to be addressed.
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Aquaculture security workshop addresses invasive species and handling of bait fish

Wildlife officials are working to combat invasive species and aquatic wildlife diseases that can be a threat to Michigan waters.

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