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Voter registration event comes to downtown Saginaw

Several organizations are coming together to host an event called Pop The Polls. The price of admission is simply signing up to vote in November.

Pop The Polls is a one day voter registration drive and concert… and everyone in the Great Lakes Bay region is being invited to attend.

Benjamin Champagne is head of production for Pop The Polls. He said he loves seeing people get involved in their community. He hopes a little music, art and creativity will help more people get involved.

“I think that is is one of the most direct actions someone can take towards changing their community and it takes very little effort. You just go vote. You know? It’s not like you gotta go maintain a garden all summer or help build things in the community. It’s one simple act that has so much power to it.”

Champagne said several bands are scheduled to perform… and all people have to do to attend is register to vote. The event will take place Sunday, August 21 in downtown Saginaw.

Traverse City residents to vote on wetland conservation

A few years ago Traverse City damaged wetlands in the process of building a new road.

In order to reconcile this, the State of Michigan has ordered the city to dedicate a certain amount of land to wetland conservation, in perpetuity.
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Grand Traverse County College faculty vote to unionize

NMC courtesy photo

NMC courtesy photo

Officials at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City said their faculty has voted to unionize.

Officials said faculty voted to join the Michigan Education Association.

Marguerite Cotto is with Northwestern Michigan College.

“This is a change in status for faculty that is not driven by questions of compensation- basic salary or wages- this is a very different type of conversation that is emerging for a desire to have a different role and scope of conversation within the college,” Cotto said.

She said the vote was 65 to 16 in favor of unionizing. One vote was not counted due to a spoiled ballot.

Cotto said students shouldn’t notice any changes from the vote.

MEA certification is scheduled for March 23.