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Health officials are warning that shoveling heavy, wet snow could trigger a heart attack


Cold weather mixed with moving hundreds of pounds of wet and heavy snow can be the recipe for a heart attack.

Especially for those who don’t exercise regularly.

Leslie Kinnee is with the Mid-Michigan District Health Department. She said the simple activity of shoveling snow can be more strenuous than running on a treadmill. Continue reading

Some Paradise residents struggling to keep their homes afloat

Cannon beforeResidents in Paradise, Michigan are worried their homes may be slipping into Lake Superior. High water levels have washed away large chunks of shoreline and left some homeowners scrambling to keep their houses intact. Continue reading

Michigan beet crop could be threatened by warm weather

Lancaster Pennsylvania Open Farmland and Field

The same warm weather that allowed the Michigan Sugar Company to take in a record-breaking harvest may be threatening those same beets, as they sit in storage, awaiting processing.

Ray Van Driessche is the director of community and government relations for Michigan Sugar Company. He said the size of the yield was unbelievable.

Continue reading

Don’t just prepare for back to school – prepare for floods and other disasters


With Michigan’s weather it’s not uncommon to see flash flood warnings issued. September 30th is National Prepareathon Day, officials are using the day, and the lead up, to encourage families to create emergency plans.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, fewer than half of the nation’s households have a family emergency plan in case of a flood. Continue reading

Atmospheric phenomenon affecting TV and radio broadcasts

CMU Public Radio's broadcast tower in Mt. Pleasant.

CMU Public Radio’s broadcast tower in Mt. Pleasant.

If you’ve been having trouble recently picking up your favorite radio or television station over the air, you’re not alone. A phenomenon known as “tropospheric ducting ” is affecting broadcasts across the Midwest.

It’s causing distant signals to be received sometimes hundreds of miles away from their source, while at the same time making some local stations nearly impossible to pick up. Continue reading

Department of Natural Resources recovery of Grand Traverse County over halfway done

Downed tree at Glen Lake boat launch in Grand Traverse County.  Courtesy of the DNR.

Downed tree at Glen Lake boat launch in Grand Traverse County. Courtesy of the DNR.

Governor Rick Snyder has declared a State of Emergency in Grand Traverse County in response to severe weather earlier this month.

The storms knocked out power across the region, and downed thousands of trees, including many on state property. Continue reading

Planting season is around the corner

CropsAs warmer weather finally returns to Michigan, farmers are gearing up for the planting season.

Crop analysts are hopeful that the 2015 planting season will be relatively normal, compared to last year when cold weather delayed farmers from taking to their fields. Continue reading

Tornado touches down in Saginaw

Picture provided by the National Weather Service

Picture provided by the National Weather Service

A tornado damaged 20 homes and injured at least one person in Saginaw County Wednesday evening.

The National Weather Service says the EF1 tornado touched down near Brant and Saint Charles right before 6pm. It was packing winds of 90 to 100 miles per hour.

Matt Mosteiko is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

He said that severe weather can be hard to predict, especially when it’s tied to warm fronts.

“Usually along that warm front it’s really tricky to have to forecast any type of severe weather so lots of times we will mention there will be severe weather possible near that warm front, but there really wasn’t a whole lot of ingredients that were favorable earlier in the day so it was kind of a ‘nowcast’ as far as meteorologically. Soon as we saw that a storm was coming together and getting more organized that’s when we put out that tornado warning.”

The storm was on the ground for 13 minutes, and left a damage path up to 300 yards wide. Mosteiko said there was one minor injury, and that treatment was refused.

He also said the storm had a rotating updraft in it. A rotating updraft is also known as a mesocyclone. That means air rises and starts to rotate around a vertical axis thus forming a tornado.

Picture provided by the National Weather Service

Picture provided by the National Weather Service