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Energy costs, demand expected to increase this summer

file0001691310751This past winter season impacted more than just Michigan roads.

State officials say the brutal winter and the polar vortex is also likely to impact summer energy prices. Read more

Sign of Spring: Horses return to Mackinac Island

Courtesy of Carriage ToursEvery winter, Mackinac Island’s horses are moved to the mainland, where it is cheaper to feed them during the tourism off-season. And every spring, the horses make their triumphant return to the island.
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Be prepared to protect your landscape this winter

Snowy TreesAutumn leaves are off the trees in many areas leaving behind trees that are vulnerable to the upcoming winter . Arborists say now is the perfect time for property owners to consider tree protection.

Winter is known for being a season of severe weather. Trees can be damaged by windstorms, lightning, ice and snow. Arborists say homeowners should know in advance how their trees will handle winter weather.

Ben Veling, master arborist with Timberwolf Tree Care, said a few tree species such as Chinese elm, silver maple and some poplars, have brittle wood that is easily broken and can cause serious damage.
“The best thing people can do is to be active with their trees, is to have an interaction. Have a baseline, understand what the potential risks might be, some species are more prone to failure than others, and some have characteristic growth that is more likely to fail in storms or ice buildup than other trees. So having a good discussion with your arborist would be a great way to start, another thing to do is keep up on the maintenance.”

According to Veling, it’s essential to pay attention to a tree’s weakness because the stability and integrity will decrease over time as it ages.

In the interest of full disclosure, Timberwolf Tree Care is an underwriter of CMU Public Radio. To find an arborist near you click here