Conference explores U.S. / Canadian border issues

Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie Canada is hosting a conference this week to explore issues surrounding the Canada U.S. Border. 
The conference is part of a three year project by researchers to explore the cultural connections at the U.S. / Canada.
Academics will also look at the social and political issues around the border, which is the longest international border in the world.
Jan Clark is a co-organizer for the conference.
“A lot of work has been done  looking at the Mexican border with the U.S. and so this is bringing some of that to looking at the northern border.” Clark said.
Academics from the United States and Canada will be joined by researchers from the U.K., Austria, Germany, Bangladesh, and Mexico. They will explore social and political issues as well as the culture surrounding the border.
The organizers of the conference say they hope the project will bring increased interest to the issues.
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