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Salmonella cases linked to small pet turtles

Small turtles can carry and spread salmonella and other diseases

Small turtles can carry and spread salmonella and other diseases

Officials are urging people to be careful with pets after Salmonella cases are linked with small pet turtles.
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School safety drill legislation clears state House

file6211246479121Michigan schools would have to be more transparent about how they conduct emergency safety drills under a bill approved Wednesday in the state House.
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Chippewa County conference teaches first responders about autism

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParents, educators, and now emergency responders, have taken part in a conference in Chippewa County to better learn how to interact with people who are on the autism spectrum. The goal was to spread knowledge of autism and autistic behaviors, and to share information on how to effectively interact with people with autism and their families.
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Missing teenagers found safe in Chicago


Two mid-Michigan teenagers missing since late last month have been found safe in Chicago.

13-year-old Jayden Thomas of Clare and 14-year-old Braxton Wood of Mount Pleasant went missing August 26. Cell phone traces and traffic cameras traced them to the Mackinac Bridge, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Mount Pleasant, but it was in Chicago where they were found earlier Sunday.

Mike Cook is a private investigator who was tracking down the teens. He said he heard from a tipster named Mark this Sunday morning.

“He had seen it on a national broadcast this morning, Sunday. And he saw Braxton throwing some trash away at a gas station, and had called 911, made them aware of it. He had stayed there to make sure they were arriving, and was making us aware,” Cook said.

Cook said the teens were taken into custody in Chicago, where they will be reunited with their families.

They are scheduled to appear at a hearing in Probate Court Monday morning.

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Search continues for two runaway teens


Police in and around Mt. Pleasant are continuing their search for two runaway teens who have been missing for a week today.

13-year old Jayden Thomas of Clare and 14-year old Braxton Wood of Mt Pleasant are believed to be driving a 2005 Ford Explorer. Private Investigator Mike Cook said it’s been has been confirmed that the teens had been on the Mackinac Bridge Thursday night. Additionally, he said cellphone “pings” have shown the teens were in the Greater Grand Rapids area, Lansing and also in the Mt. Pleasant area.

Cook said it’s believed the teens have, what he calls, a small amount of cash, and some items that they may be able to sell or pawn.

Police working the case said it’s very unusual for runaway teens to be missing for so long.  Officials said they’re counting on the public’s help to bring the two home. The important thing, said Sgt. Tim Swanson with the Isabella County Sheriff’s department is for anyone who sees the teens to act quickly, “A lot of times, a tip will come in to us, by the time we get to investigate the tip it might be 12-hours old. If somebody sees the vehicle outside of our area, if they could call their local 911 and get a local law enforcement to that area quicker, we might be able to grab onto the teens so we can get them home to their parents.”

Police are asking the public to remain alert and to continue watching for the teens.

Photos of the two missing teens and their vehicle can be viewed here.

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Lawmaker: Restrict cold medicine sales to cut down on Meth

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Michigan Public Radio Network

A proposal in Lansing would further restrict the sale of some over-the-counter cold and allergy medications.

The idea is to crack down on the production of methamphetamine in the state.

Products like Sudafed and Claritin-D contain chemicals that are used for cooking meth.

State Senator Rick Jones wants to require customers to ask pharmacists directly for those medications. Compared to other retailers, Jones said most pharmacies are better able to track the amount of medicine a person has purchased.

“Hopefully, this would lower the amount of methamphetamine made in illegal labs in Michigan,” Jones said.

The state already limits the amount of certain over-the-counter cold and allergy meds an individual can purchase. Officials said most retailers also have access to a tracking system that has been used to block sales of the products.

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LARA warns Michigan businesses about a corporation scam

Michigan corporations have been put on notice to watch for what is being called a frequently-used scam.
The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is warning businesses of a corporation scam called, “Corporate Records Service.” 
Scammers send out a false form asking businesses to complete it and send it back along with $125 fee. 
Julia Dale is the Director of corporations with LARA.
“In Michigan over the last several years we have seen that a similar mailing, the form, title or format may change a little bit. But we’ve seen a similar mailing go out several times over the last couple of years and my understanding other jurisdictions have experienced the same thing,” Dale said.
Dale said, the biggest concern is that the form, in her words, “may mislead the public and have them send something to the LARA office that doesn’t exist.” 
If a corporation has received a notice to fill out the false form they are advised to do the following: keep the notice, and contact the United States Postal Inspections Service at (877) 876-2455 or contact the Michigan Office of the Attorney General. 
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State Police, lawmakers want to enforce school safety drills

Michigan Pubic Radio Network

Schools would be forced to report when and how emergency safety drills are conducted under a proposal in Lansing.
State police officials said too many schools are ignoring laws meant to ensure school safety.
The reports would have to be posted on schools’ web sites whenever they conduct a safety drill. That and other recommendations are the product of a state police task force created by Governor Rick Snyder in the wake of recent school tragedies. 
State Representative Joe Graves is sponsoring legislation that will incorporate the recommendations.
“This goes back to the focus is on the kids, their safety, and that this is done properly so they know what they’re doing in any situation,” Graves said.
Recent investigations by MLive Media Group suggest many Michigan schools have been breaking laws related to school safety drills.
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More Michigan drivers arrested for being under the influence in 2012

Michigan Public Radio Network
Michigan police arrested more drivers for being under the influence of alcohol and drugs in 2012 compared to 2011. That’s according to a report released Tuesday by the Michigan State Police. The study also shows more injuries and fatalities related to impaired driving.
But Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning spokesperson Anne Readette said those numbers are still much lower than they were five years ago.
“We are making long-term progress in both of those areas. So big picture things are moving in the direction we want, but certainly not what we wanted to see on a year-to-year basis,” Readette said.
Readette said the office would like to see more police patrols on the roads to prevent alcohol- and drug-related crashes. She said better officer training and substance abuse prevention programs could also make a difference.
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July is top month for grill fires

Fire officials say, July is the top month for grill fires at home.  
The National Fire Protection Association said fire departments nationwide respond to an average 7,700 home fires involving grills, hibachis or barbecues each year.
Richard Miller is the State Fire Marshal.
He said people are unpredictable.
“You never know what people are going to do and things happen. You would never think you would have a kitchen fire where somebody would be cooking something on the stove and get a phone call or go attend a child or something and they leave that stove, and the next thing you know they have a kitchen fire going. It happens believe me,” Miller said.
Miller said the best defense against grill fires is common sense. Never grill indoors even if it’s raining, always follow manufacturer instructions and never leave it under attended.
More information on fire safety is at
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