Celebrating diversity: What does it mean?

This month is Black History Month – a time to reflect on civil rights history of the past and on the history that’s being made today.

Raheem Kareem, an African-American student at Central Michigan University says this month can offer an opportunity for people to look at their own actions.

“Not just about people who have done stuff for black history, throughout time, but just like me in general,” he said. “What am I doing to contribute, or what am I doing to leave my own personal legacy.”

Kareem said it’s important for the millennial generation to realize how significant they are in making progress on civil rights.

“People who don’t get with the program, who don’t want to embrace diversity, I would tell them that: If they want to live in this world and be successful, you have to know how to get along with other people and you have to be able to accept people for the way they are,” he said.

Kareem said spending time with others that are different from yourself is an excellent way to celebrate diversity, and Black History Month.

CMU is hosting events throughout the month in recognition of Black History Month.

BHM Flyer 2014

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