CMU President testifies before State Senate Higher Education Subcommittee

2009-788-086 Ross George_CMU presidentCentral Michigan University President Dr. George Ross testified Thursday before the State Senate subcommittee on Higher Education.

In his comments, he addressed the fiscal care the University takes with its budget. He said CMU has adopted the lowest four year cumulative tuition increase of any public university in the state. And he said CMU, like many Michigan public universities, is hoping that legislators will support the Governor’s call for increased funding for higher education. “We acknowledged the state funding is coming this year, I think is significant. It’s a partial restoration, but it’s a significant amount if that stays the course. So we talked about how we use the money that we get from the state now”.

Dr. Ross said CMU’s first commitment, if it receives new funding, is to it’s students, “We made a commitment to six-million dollars of additional student aid last year, last fall. And we’re making those awards this spring. I’m sure that the first allocations of those funds, if we get them, it going to be to our student aid.”

President Ross praised Governor Snyder’s current budget plan which calls for a funding increase to Michigan colleges and universities, saying that investing in higher education is important to the entire state. “I mean, we’ve talked about the statistics before; states and countries with a higher percentage of their populations with college degrees do better financially, socially and culturally. It just makes good sense to invest in higher ed.”

In Thursday’s testimony, Dr Ross also encouraged state lawmakers to build more equity into higher education funding.

Transcript of President George Ross’ testimony:

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