CMU to award 130 full rides next year; up from 20 this year

Central Michigan University has expanded it’s merit scholarship program to offer more scholarships and more money to the highest achieving incoming freshman.

CMU’s highest award,The Centralis Gold, will now offer a full ride scholarship to an additional 110 students – up from just 20 last year.

The university will also create a three tier program that offers scholarships, ranging from three thousand to six thousand dollars per year, for other high achieving students.

CMU is hoping to reward students for hard work in high school.

“We’ve always had successful scholarship programs that responded to the student audience that we were attracting and enrolling,” said Steven Johnson, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services. “So we think that this is another endeavour to continue making sure we attract and enroll the qualified students to represent the university.”

In total, CMU is investing an additional six million dollars into scholarships for incoming freshman.

Students graduating high school with a GPA of at least 3.0 and an ACT score of 21 or higher will qualify for these scholarships.

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