CMU to host 13th annual Issue Day conference

9f482c5139e70ca22f1d104684466925Central Michigan University will be hosting the 13th annual Issue Day conference on Social Justice Saturday, November 2.

The conference features CMU Alumni and social justice advocate Mara D’Amico as the keynote speaker and breakout sessions with CMU Faculty and Community members on many different social justice issues.

Some of the topics that will be explored in the sessions are at-risk youth, mental health wellness, mentoring, veteran needs, women’s issues, poverty, and hunger and homelessness.

The event organizer Octavia Carson says “We’ll have alumni and we’ll have community members coming to speak to students about their program initiatives about their research. Essentially students will take from this a way to enhance their volunteerism and a way to get to know more about social justice issues they never ever knew about.”

The conference starts at 8:30 a.m. in Finch Fieldhouse with the keynote speech, followed by the breakout sessions. It concludes in the afternoon at 2:30. Lunch is provided.

CMU students can register on OrgSync, non-students interested in attending the conference should call the Volunteer Center at 989-774-7685

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