CMU to round out its Veterans’ Day series

veterans 11-13-13To some, Veterans’ Day is not enough time to properly thank those who have served for our country.

Central Michigan University is continuing the celebration with Veteran’s week.

Wednesday night, there will be a showing of a documentary, called “When Women Come Marching Home.”

Steve Rellinger is the Director of the Veterans’ Resource Center at CMU. He said the movie is a portrait of how women veterans transition from active duty to civilian life, and the struggles they face along the way. “which is obviously their story, one that needs to be told. The female experience in the military is vastly different than the male experience… And again, it’s that transition from military to civilian, specifically in regard to combat veterans”.

Rellinger said this week is designed to educate and encourage dialogue between civilians and veterans.

Wednesday’s documentary is scheduled for 6:30 PM in Pearce Hall.

Following the movie, CMU’s Student Veterans of America will host an outreach panel.

Thursday evening, CMU is hosting a documentary, called “The Welcome.”
followed by a discussion panel. That is the final event of Veterans Week.

For information on CMU’s Veterans Week events, click hereof CMU’s Veterans’ Week Events.

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