CMU’s online undergraduate program named the best in the nation

One of Michigan’s largest public university’s has been named the best in the nation for online academics.

US News and World Report has named Central Michigan University the No. 1 school for online undergraduate programs in the country.

The source said the ranking speaks highly of the university’s leadership in evolving, strengthening and providing access to higher education across the nation.

CMU’s Global Campus, which oversees the university’s online programs, was created in 1971 to bring CMU’s education directly to students.

Provost and Executive Vice President of CMU, Michael Gealt, says CMU’s online programs are becoming more and more interactive with technology.

“Now, we’re getting into interactive communication with the online experience,” he said. “For example, we use software called Collaborate, in which the student has a camera on their computer, we’ve got a camera on the computer that we are using, and now we can communicate as if it was ‘Skype on steroids.’”

Gealt said In terms of the software that is used and the satisfaction between students and faculty, CMU has “state-of-the-art” programs.

Although CMU is leading the way, there always seems to be room for improvement. Gealt said he would like to see the online courses available for students throughout the year.

“A number of students don’t stay [in Mount Pleasant] during summer, and we would like to offer them the opportunity to take CMU courses while they’re home,” he said. “\We are looking at expanding the online opportunities during the summer, so more students are able to continue their program and get through it in a more timely fashion by doing it 12 months a year instead of only nine months a year.”

Gealt said online programs are vetted by the university and approved by the department.

In addition, the online programs go through the same review process that “face-to-face” courses go through.

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