CMU’s undergraduate neuroscience program named top in the nation

9f482c5139e70ca22f1d104684466925A national award for neuroscience has been awarded to Central Michigan University. The University’s neuroscience program has been named as the top program in the nation for 2013 by the world organization, Society for Neuroscience.

The neuroscience department received the recognition for excellence in educating future neuroscientists and providing an innovative model other programs can follow. Gary Dunbar, John. G. Kulhavi professor of neuroscience at CMU said the award speaks highly of the program. “Well I think anytime you’re rated number one in the country it means a lot, I think first and foremost to the students that are in the program, and those that have graduated and have worked so hard throughout the years, I just it’s just a wonderful recognition of all their hard work and for my colleagues that have supported the program and administrators and board members”.

Dunbar said many CMU students receive state and national recognition for their research and work in the neuroscience field.

He said over the last five years, CMU students have won nine out of the ten awards given to Michigan’s outstanding undergraduate neuroscientists from the Society for Neuroscience.

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