DNR hopes to head off hunting conflicts with a reminder for hunters

deerState officials are working this month to bring greater awareness to a five year old law. The law allows persons who are disabled to ride ORV’s while hunting on public lands.

The riders are not required, but are allowed to fly an orange flag from the vehicle so that others can easily identify them as a person needing accommodations.

Lt. Andrew Turner is the Supervisor of the Recreational Safety Section with the DNR. He says, he’s hoping that an increase in awareness will bring a corresponding decrease in conflicts, “People take their hunting activities very seriously, and tempers can flare, and so, again, we’re trying to make everyone understand through these releases and other information on our web page and in our guides for ORV’s and for hunting that, you know, there are certain circumstances where people are ok to be operating these ORV’s and hopefully eliminate some of these conflicts .”

The law allowing disabled persons to ride ORV’s was passed in 2008.

More information is at Michigan (dot) gov (slash) hunting.

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