Dow helps make 2014 Olympic History.

Sochi, RussiaDow Chemical and International specialists are making history at the 2014 Olympic games this year in Sochi, Russia.

The 2014 Olympics will have a carbon neutral footprint associated with the travel of athletes, spectators and media from all over the world.

Dow’s goal is to deploy modern energy efficient technologies in Russia to mitigate the footprint of the Sochi organizing committee.

Mike Mazor a Fellow at Dow Chemical in the energy and climate change business said climate change is a global problem and CO2 emissions are important when it comes to climate change.

“ We focus the effort for this project in the Russian federation because obviously the games are going to be in Russia. And honestly they’re very receptive to modernizing and increasing the efficiency of their infrastructure but it is a global issue. So with the credits for the travel, we chose geographies where the carbon credit project were done in Russia, in Brazil, and in South Korea as well as in the United States.”

Mazor said, Dow plans on using this framework for other large events in the future.

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