GOP Senatorial Debate

Warnings about spending and the creeping of socialism into American society emerged from Saturday’s G-O-P Senatorial debate in Mount Pleasant.

Five candidates took the stage, each one, hoping to go on to challenge U-S Senator Debbie Stabenow in November.

Chuck Marino of Brighton was among the candidates saying the U-S must fight back against socialism.

“In today’s society, we have a group of people who are socialists, that believe they can walk outside the parameter with no restraint. It’s time that we used the constitution to call them back.”

Marino warned that spending tied to the new national health care law, as well as various welfare programs, was unsustainable.

Former juvenile court judge Randy Hekman agreed. He said deep spending cuts are in order.

“Repealing Obamacare has to be near the top of our agenda. That is a big chuck of change that has taken over an increasing part of our economy. But beyond that, the one thing that does not fit our federal government is the welfare state. It’s killing our European brothers and sisters. It’s killing us.”

Notably absent from the debate was former congressman Pete Hoekstra, who is considered the front runner in the race.

Longtime education reformer Clark Durant criticized Hoekstra’s decision not to participate.

“At some point, he’s got to be willing to stand up to the people of Michigan, and answer, why, time and time again, he voted to increase the debt, the spending, that is crippling our country.”

A long race is still ahead for all the candidates.

Republicans will chose their nominee to challenge Debbie Stabenow in August.

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