Governor Synder makes pledge to States Farm Bureau

fruit crop
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder pledged new support to the state’s farm industry. Specifically, he pledged to promote increased immigration opportunities for farm workers.

Farm workers have been in short supply in Michigan due to immigration restrictions, which remain under federal jurisdiction.

Crop specialist, Bob Boehm, with the Michigan Farm Bureau says, “Well I think it’s a recognition of a labor shortage that we’ve been experiencing here in Michigan. On 2012 we lost most of our fruit crop to the frost in April, and this year we had a bumper crop but we weren’t able to get sufficient workers and we left some of those crops on the ground or in the trees and we’re not able to get them harvested.”

Boehm says the governors support couldn’t have come at a better time.

The governor also pledged to bolster education programs aimed at making students more proficient in technology related jobs in agriculture. Governor Snyder’s comments came at the Michigan Farm Bureau’s annual meeting.

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