Levin praises President Obama’s State of the Union Address

U-S Senator Carl Levin is praising President Obama’s State of the Union address last night.

He spoke with Mike Horace earlier today.

Levin says he was particularly encouraged by job training proposals for the manufacturing industry, and by the president’s calls for tax reform.

Levin said he’s ready to get to work…

“I’m going to be focusing on some of the tax loopholes and the evasion of taxes, the avoidance of taxes, by some of our corporations who use the offshore tax havens and shell corporations to avoid paying taxes, some of the other corporate tax loopholes that need to be closed because it’s part of the unfairness in our tax code that needs to be fixed and can be fixed. But it’s also a source of revenues, which we’re going to have to have if we’re going to, number one, do some significant deficit reduction, but number two, protect some of our important programs like education.”

U-S Senator Carl Levin, speaking with us from Washington D-C earlier this morning.

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