Local school leader reacts to Gov. Snyder’s call for year round schooling in Michigan

In Thursday’s State of the State address, Governor Rick Snyder issued a proposal that would keep students in school year-round.

Snyder proposed to establish a pilot program to eliminate the three-month break over the summer.

Brent Holcomb, Superintendent for Alpena Public Schools, said he believes that the community would be open to an idea that would benefit their children.

“Well I think there’s some potential support for it,” he said. “I’m sure that there would be parents that would have an interest in it. I’m assuming, like anything, when you expand the educational opportunity, it takes resources to be able to do that. So I’m assuming that if the governor finds value in that, then he is willing to support it financially.”

Officials said the idea would not add or subtract the total number of days each year that students are required to be in class.

The break over the summer season would simply be redistributed throughout the year.

Snyder said he would like the concept to move forward because research shows a consistent learning nature could help reduce “learning loss,” especially for at-risk students.

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