MADD releases new holiday drunk driving survey


With the holidays in full swing, Mother’s Against Drunk Driving have issued new survey results reminding people just how dangerous drunk driving can be.

MADD said that drunk driving deaths typically spike over the holiday period. The group has urged people to plan ahead for a non-drinking designated driver.

According to MADD, almost three in four adults have seen someone try to drive home after drinking at an event.

The survey also said that most adults who saw an intoxicated friend planning to drive would either assign a designated driver, take away the intoxicated person’s keys or inform the party host.

Penny Norton is the executive director for Facing Alcohol Concerns through Education, or FACE. It’s a national organization that focuses on alcohol related issues.

Norton said, “The Center for Disease Control recommends no more than 2 drinks when you’re out and having to drive a motor vehicle. Of course other things contribute to that such as if you’re taking some type of prescription medication or had a stressful day or you haven’t been sleeping and there’s a lot of different factors. But trying to limit your consumption and if you have any people who have been drinking need to rely on a designated driver who hasn’t, it’s the safest thing to do, just don’t drive have somebody else do the driving.”

Norton said if you plan on drinking over the holidays, remember to be safe, have a plan, and drink responsibly.

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