Michigan Bill to protect late-night clerks

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A new bill is being considered in the Michigan House of Representatives that would beef up safety for late night gas station attendants.

The bill is the result of the April disappearance of a young mother in Muskegon County.

Jessica Heeringa (HERE-een-gah) went missing as she was working the late night shift as a gas station. To this day, police say they have no suspects in the case and don’t know what may have happened to Heeringa.

Collene LaMonte is a Democratic representative from Muskegon County, and is the one sponsoring the bill. Lamonte says, “Gas stations that are open between 11pm and 5am can do one of two things, they can either have two employees on staff that would provide a second set of eyes and hopefully deter crime from happening. Or they can install a security camera system to provide that backup in evidence if an unfortunate incident like this happens.”

LaMonte says the gas station where Heeringa worked had no security cameras, leaving authorities with few potential clues.

The gas station safety bill has been referred to the House Committee on Commerce.

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