Michigan Liquor Control Commission introduces new section to website


This holiday season you might notice new fact sheets and posters where alcohol is sold.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has introduced a new section of their website aimed at curbing underage and excessive drinking.

The newest section of the Commission’s website focuses on Prevention and Education. It’s intended to provide tools for parents, retailers and consumers.

The section has printable posters and fact sheets available in pdf format.

Andrea Miller, a communications representative for the Liquor Control Commission said, “There are printouts for licensees, there are charts explaining that a drink is not just a drink. It shows the comparison of how much alcohol content is in each drink. There are statistics on binge drinking, underage drinking and the dangers of all of the above.”

Miller said Michigan is one of 17 control states in the nation. That means the state controls the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages within state borders.

She said it’s important that people are kept aware of the dangers of alcohol.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that alcohol is the drug that’s most commonly used and abused by young adults in the United States.

The CDC said that alcohol is responsible for more than 4,700 deaths annually for underage youths.

For more information on the new Liquor control web page section Click Here

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