Michigan receives over $100 million dollars to fix roads.

Michigan HighwayChristmas came early to Saginaw County residents says State Representative Tim Kelly (R, Saginaw), in the form of a multi million dollar transportation grant.

And Saginaw is not alone. Thanks to the $115 million dollar Roads and Risks Reserve Fund, 103 state and local transportation projects have received funding.

Saginaw County, Midland County and Arenac County received a $2 million dollar grant for a resurfacing project.

Jeff Cranson a spokesman for MDOT said, the money will make a difference but this is only a down payment. “ As the speaker of the house said several times this is just a down payment. It doesn’t begin to do what everybody knows the state needs and both leaders in the senate and the house and the governor have said over and over again we need probably more like $1.5 billion to really get the transportation system in Michigan back to where it needs to be. For us to be a growing state.

Cranson says the 103 projects are expected to be completed by next year.

For a list of all the state and local transportation projects click here.

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